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Should People Talk Of Good Morals Without Invoking The Concept Of God?

  1. ngureco profile image81
    ngurecoposted 7 years ago

    Should People Talk Of Good Morals Without Invoking The Concept Of God?

  2. darrylcrawford profile image67
    darrylcrawfordposted 7 years ago

    I believe it is very hard to talk of Good Morals without invoking the concept of God. God is good and to me its hard to identify what good is without acknowledging the creator. All good things comes from God and any good concept, good idea, good morals, good anything had to begin with God. Outside of that, it appears to be good but it has its short comings which will ultimately not be good. Good Morals comes from God and God blessed those who have good morals with Godly character, or good character. I hope this helped. Just my opinion.

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  3. wingedcentaur profile image82
    wingedcentaurposted 7 years ago

    I don't know if its a question of "should." People certainly can talk about morals without invoking God. The conventional wisdom, though, is that God is required to live the moral life and develop a moral society.

    But there's a Slovenian philosopher called Slavoj Zizek who quotes (Hegel I think but I'm not sure). But Zizek, quoting this other philosopher, says: the typical formula is "If there is no God everything is permissible." But Zizek says that's actually wrong: "If there IS  a God then EVERYTHING is permitted; but if there is NO God then NOTHING is permitted.

    To my way of thinking, this latter conception is the correct one. There is a sense in which the use of God as a crutch (I'm not saying everyone who believes in God is using It/Him/Her as a crutch) actually trivializes life, because no matter how you screw up, as long as you, say, "accept Jesus (for example, I know you didn't mention Christianity specifically) as your Lord and Savior" in time, then you can go to Heaven. There's a sports analogy I like to make here, but this answer has already gone on a little long; so I'll leave it there.

    Take care.

  4. nightwork4 profile image61
    nightwork4posted 7 years ago

    good morals have nothing to do with god. i'm an athiest and i'll put my morals up against any god fearing person. religion definetly has no right to talk about morals being exclusively theirs but of course they do. look at history and see all the great religious morals at work, it will turn your hair white.

  5. Thesource profile image78
    Thesourceposted 7 years ago

    Morals have got nothing to do with God.
    Morals are created by man.
    Moral vary from time to time at a particular geographical location.
    It also varies from place to place.

    For example in some places a burka is considered to be moral but in other places a swimsuit is moral. However, when God created man he was satisfied with them being nude. Today's man will consider that immoral.

  6. jrsearam profile image59
    jrsearamposted 7 years ago

    Yes, people should talk about morals without invoking the concept of God and they should also talk about morals while invoking the concept of God. Both are not mutually exclusive. Contemplating morals and expressing ones thoughts can be beneficial wether morals are a human construct or divine instruction.

  7. MythiliK profile image65
    MythiliKposted 7 years ago

    I am not sure whether it should be a "Should people talk".

    But surely, people CAN talk of good morals without invoking the concept of GOD.

    I can talk about the next house grandma who used to provide food for any poor person knocking at her door. Her concept was "Serving poor people is better than serving GOD". Her morals are always with humanity and not with GOD. So, I do have a topic to talk about good morals, without touching GOD. We human created all morals, to keep ourself in a cultured circle and when it goes wrong, we put the blame on GOD.

  8. niner profile image55
    ninerposted 7 years ago

    Absolutely.  While there is a strong relationship for religious people between God and morality, it isn't fair to try to apply this concept to everyone.

    Not everyone believes in a God, but that definitely doesn't mean they don't have morals or morality doesn't apply to them.  Religion is just one subscript or concept of moral beliefs.

  9. ravigill551854 profile image67
    ravigill551854posted 7 years ago

    yes my friend this is perfectly  right, because the concept of god is not a story or not lessons to teach other the it is the heard rules to follow.you see later ,after following the rules of god which is written in holy books the follower sole is purified by this and that is the stage of contact with god dairectely

  10. Lady Guinevere profile image59
    Lady Guinevereposted 7 years ago

    Everyone has morals weather they agree that there is or isn't a God.  I know this may souund very religios to some but in that Book we call the Bible Jesus said that he put the LAW INSIDE OF MEN'S MINDS and HEARTS.  He didn't say only some.  The law of good and bad are not exclusive to Christians nor those that are mentioned in that Bible but the Christos---all those like Jesus before and after him will state the same thing.  Morals are not a Christian concept therefore you don't need a God to have them.

  11. passionatelearnr profile image91
    passionatelearnrposted 2 years ago

    God is important.Just because we cannot see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist