New Testament Apostles I remember one of The Presidents of The Church making a s

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    lexandrposted 7 years ago

    New Testament Apostles I remember one of The Presidents of The Church making a statement that...

    Luke of The Four Gospels was an Apostle. Can you help with reference? Thank you

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    Bruce_Leiterposted 7 years ago

    Luke was a doctor who accompanied Paul part-way on one of his missionary journeys, wrote his gospel and the Book of Acts, and researched everything that he wrote.  However, there is no reference in the Bible to his being an apostle.  They were the twelve leaders of the early church as well as the Apostle Paul, the converted Pharisee and missionary who started many churches around the Mediterranean Sea.  Luke was definitely a follower of Jesus in the early church and knew the apostles but was not one of them.

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    DrDeanCrosbyposted 7 years ago

    Christians give  all of Jesus' Disciples as well as Paul the title of Apostle.Mormons give the title to members of an administrative committee which has 12 men on it ,in essence equating them with Jesus' hand-picked Disciples;an act that is bound to infuriate Jesus.

    The honor that Jesus will give to His Disciples will be eternal in nature as this description of the soon to be created new heaven describe:


    The city (new heaven) was built on twelve foundation stones. On each of the stones was written the name of the Lamb's (Jesus') twelve apostles.

    No minister let alone a church should ever attempt to cheapen the eternal honor that Jesus plans for His Apostles by giving the same title to men selected,by vote in fact,through human frail judgment .