my life path number is 11,dob is 28/8/1982.i have all the negative tendencies..

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    khairrunisaposted 7 years ago

    my life path number  is 11,dob is 28/8/1982.i have all the negative tendencies..fears phobias even

    insanity has set in... i think about commiting suicide because im so sick and tired

  2. PsychicJoanne profile image79
    PsychicJoanneposted 7 years ago

    Part of having the karmic Life Path or Destiny 11 means that it is your soul mission to overcome these obstacles  -  not to succumb to them.  You have the strength and all the tools you need within you to face these challenges and overcome them.
    You'll be needing to do some inner-work and become more in touch with your personal spirituality  -  but you can do it.

    I wish you blessings,


  3. KatieCohen profile image57
    KatieCohenposted 7 years ago

    please don't commit suicide. This too shall pass. always remember that.

    cheer up!!!