How do you define the existence of GOD?

  1. anisuzzaman3540 profile image53
    anisuzzaman3540posted 7 years ago

    How do you define the existence of GOD?

    This is an age old question. But question or quest never dies.

  2. Mikeydoes profile image77
    Mikeydoesposted 7 years ago

    God has it's very own section in our brain. Some people's are big and some people have very small ones. The bigger it is, the more spiritual you are

    This is a fact

  3. Gaming_Muse profile image53
    Gaming_Museposted 7 years ago

    God, to me, is not so much a being, as a personification of higher expectations and what is "right" in the worlds eyes. this image has changed over time because our expectations have changed.