Do you consider the 'life' of an animal to be equivalent to that of a human's? I

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  1. keepitnatural profile image67
    keepitnaturalposted 9 years ago

    Do you consider the 'life' of an animal to be equivalent to that of a human's? If not then why not..

    is it because they can't speak, because they still feel pain & suffering just as we do?

  2. Retsuzen Shikata profile image58
    Retsuzen Shikataposted 9 years ago

    Of course. How do you know you were not an animal before you were human in this life?

  3. ahmiz profile image59
    ahmizposted 9 years ago

    This is a question that has bothered me since young. I never found a satisfactory answer to it. Yes, I hate harming animals such as cats and dogs, and do consider them almost, but not quite, equivalent to a human's. But I am not a vegetarian. I eat beef, chicken, red meat, etc., and have never held the seemingly "less intelligent" or "less human-like" animals such as cows and goats in the same regard as cats and dogs. Why are some animals of higher stature in our eyes and others not? Simply because they've adapted to our notion of "intelligence" or "cuteness"? The perceived danger the animal poses probably plays a huge factor as well. What about little insects such as ants, irritating pests such as mosquitoes or dangerous animals such as venomous snakes? Personally, I definitely do not hold such animals in the same class as traditional household pets.

    I know other people I've asked simply say you'd be crazy to treat an animal equivalent to that of a human's. If an animal (say, your pet dog) and a human were about to run over by a train, and you could only save one, which do you choose? If you truly valued the life of an animal to be equivalent to a human's, this would prove a true dilemma. For me, I would choose the human, but no, I do not think it is "crazy" if you chose otherwise, especially if the human is a complete stranger (or worse, some criminal) and the dog had been your lifelong companion.

    Thanks for the question. I would love to hear others' take on this.

  4. Georgie98 profile image65
    Georgie98posted 9 years ago

    Like Ahmiz, I'm not a vegetarian either, but I too do not want harm to come to animals. However, like you say they do feel pain etc. but I believe that they are not like humans. It isn't just because they are unable to talk, they aren't capable of so many things. Their brains are not as progressed as a human's brain is. Most are very loving, and definitely know when something is wrong. But if you were to put an average person, and an average house cat in a room each given a computer and told them to switch it on and type the alphabet, which one do you think could do it?

  5. profile image0
    Chasukposted 9 years ago

    We are animals; we just happen to be the dominant species. I favor my species, yes, but only because it is in the best interests of myself and my loved ones. If I were a member of another species, presumably I would favor it over humans.

  6. Apepperson profile image60
    Apeppersonposted 9 years ago

    Quite frankly, no, I don't hold animals in the same regard as humans. Humans are, well, humans! It's been proven time and time again that animals do not feel the same kind of emotions and pains that humans do. They were put here for man's use. Of course that doesn't mean we should abuse them, but then again we shouldn't treat them as something to be worshiped as idols either. Just usin' a little commons sense here is all...

    It's human nature to try and apply human emotions and such to other living things.

  7. Vicki.Pierce profile image69
    Vicki.Pierceposted 9 years ago

    This is a question that I recently had to ponder.  My youngest daughter, who has a blue and gold macaw, lives on her own in an apartment complex not too far from home.  She called me at five in the morning to let me know that her complex was on fire and that she and her bird were standing outside in the bitter cold.

    It was through that ordeal that my daughter asked, "is it bad that I considered leaving Vinnie (the bird) behind?".  My response was that it was more important that she got herself out of the complex.  I was of course happy that they BOTH made it out safely, but when it comes right down to it, human life is more important to me than that of my beloved flock. I would have been sad if something had happened to Vinnie, but would have been totally devastated had my daughter gotten trapped in a burning building trying to save the bird!

  8. Lazer317 profile image81
    Lazer317posted 9 years ago

    I have pets, and I do not believe in any abuse of animals, not even the ones we eat, although I am not stupid enough to believe that every animal I have purchased at the grocery store was treated fairly before the slaughter. Slaughter is such a violent word, isn't it?  Anyhow, I used to regard animals as equal, but after becoming a mother, I do not.  There is no question about what I would be looking to save if my home was on fire, my cats are not on the top of that list, people first.
    Also, I know that animals do not have the same range of emotions as humans, but they do have them and they do feel pain.  Do I believe animals were put on earth to service humans?  Not completely, I think there is a bit of give and take there.  So, no, I do not regard animals as equal to humans, but I do value them.

  9. poorconservative1 profile image59
    poorconservative1posted 9 years ago

    No. Animals are lower on the food chain, period. Sorry, I'm sure that all you animal lovers hate me now. But I can't help it, it's just the way I feel about it.

  10. Craan profile image82
    Craanposted 9 years ago

    The life of a person is far more valuable than that of an animal. An animal lives by instinct. Though a person may be deeply attached to a particular animal there is absolutely no value in equating the life of an animal to the priceless, precious and divine life of a human.

  11. Edoka Writes profile image61
    Edoka Writesposted 9 years ago

    I would never harm an animal, but they are not equivalent to a human being. I believe animals are for us to consume and utilize as humans see fit- in a respectful manner.

  12. akuigla profile image61
    akuiglaposted 9 years ago

    Sometimes the life of animal is superior to the life of human.
    Ive seen,both as a doctor and a man, people who are nothing in every sense:cruel,selfish,murderous,greedy...
    And what to say about animals that we dont know.
    There are more examples animals saving people, than people saving people,or people saving animals.
    And,the most important:
    Animals are never sadistic.

  13. danthehandyman profile image70
    danthehandymanposted 9 years ago

    This hub is in response to keepitnatural's question:
    Do you consider the 'life' of an animal to be equivalent to that of a human's? If not then why not..
    I say why limit the question to animal life?
    Here's an excerpt from Tony Trewavas' work at... read more

  14. danthehandyman profile image70
    danthehandymanposted 9 years ago

    I tried to answer, but it was too long. My answer is now a hub page. Great question, keepitnatural.

  15. Y. Kajitaka profile image61
    Y. Kajitakaposted 9 years ago

    I don't consider the ANIMAL equivalent to a human being, but that does not mean they should be tortured.  In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam rule over the animals-- but he told him to TAKE CARE OF THEM, too.  Animals are not equal with humans, but all life is sacred.

    (sorry for the caps, the italicize doesn't work.  ^^; )

  16. Mr Tindle profile image74
    Mr Tindleposted 9 years ago

    Obviously not, most people eat animals all of the time. (I don't know about you). I don't know anybody who eats people! So of course most don't view animals as equivalent to humans. Most consider the purpose of animals to be for human consumption and use. I am on the same page. Animals are not human or equivalent to humans, they act purely on instinct and survival.

  17. cat on a soapbox profile image96
    cat on a soapboxposted 9 years ago

    Let me preface my answer by expressing my great love of animals. In cases, I've preferred them to people.  They enhance our lives greatly and are intuitive and sensitive companions.  The life of an animal is not equivalent to that of humans for these reasons:
    Humans are far more complex with the ability to reason and feel emotion.
    We are at the top of the food chain.
    In many views, we are created in God's image.
    During our entire lifetime, we are expected to tend to our familial ties.         
    The mere fact that we as a species are capable of genuinely loving other species, is unique.


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