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Question for Ambassador Butler. Where can we read this article you have told us

  1. duffsmom profile image60
    duffsmomposted 6 years ago

    Question for Ambassador Butler.  Where can we read this article you have told us about?

  2. Max_Power profile image60
    Max_Powerposted 6 years ago

    I too have searched for this unique and 1 of a kind article that needs no promotion and has gone around the world through 100 percent referring sites and is now seen in 8 countries around the world. I would like to be one of the people who have seen the article and loves it and unfortunately I am part of the general population who will not see it anytime soon. I would also be content with 100 percent referring sites to pick up and spread around the world my articles or hubs that are of excellent quality and high quality standards. Yes, I too would like to be an expert with the articles that I have written and could be seen around the world through 100 percent referring traffic. I am not an expert with the other side, however on April 10, 2011A.D. a Sunday morning of which GOD showed me in a vision I did search for the one and only article of  AMBASSADOR BUTLER. However I did not locate this 1 of a kind and very special article for very special people around the world. Although I did find 523 results, I did not find the 1 article that gets all of its traffic through 100 percent referring sites. All but 4 results came from Hubpages and not one was AMBASSADOR BUTLER'S 1 amazing unpublished hub. Now for who is AMBASSADOR BUTLER, this is the answer: Is AMBASSADOR BUTLER who walks with GOD moment by moment a founding member of Global Zero, which has published a step-by-step plan to eradicate nuclear weapons by 2030? Only he can answer, however he is giving the world the message of the mystery of life. Plain and simple. Should we just be glad that he is consistent with his wordings as he is giving humanity an uplifted message of hope and inspiration for this life on the earth and also to prepare humanity for the other side of death because he has been there and is an expert on this subject of the other side of death? One thing is for sure, he is glad to be of service to us and wishes everyone success on hubpages. With all sincerity I too would like to see and read his 1 amazing unpublished hub when it has finished it's journey around the world in 8 countries and is available to be read by the general population and the very special people of Hubpages. Lol;)

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    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 6 years ago

    It is up to the staff of hubpages to show my 1 unpublished hub. If the referring sites can find my article then so can anybody else. All that I can say to the members of hubpages is to bombard the staff to show everybody my 1 article. I guess they have their own reasons not to but All that I know is that my 1 article with google on the internet is an blockbusting hit and I am making money with it going around the world and being seen in 8 countries and I am not going to get banned from google adsense by telling you the title of my hub. The staff of hubpages will have to reveal my hub to everyone. Just the facts. Maybe you can go to the referring sites because they have done a great job of spreading my article around the world and keeps on coming back for my article. I am not going to rock this boat that is soaring around the world with 100 percent referring sites. On my google analystic it shows me everything in detail about my article. I am getting real traffic through the referring sites and it looks like not many others are getting referring sites traffic. Like I said you must write excellent article for the referring sites to use your article like I have done. They do not use drive by articles. Even though on April 4, 2011 A.D. beneath my page views account say in 1 word " IRREVOCABLE " incapable of recall and revoke for my views and my 1 article. It means that it is safe now and will forever be in the public eyes for all to see. I will let the staff of hubpages reveal when they will allow you to see it. I think they will allow you to see it when my article go way over the top so that all of your naysayers and vote down members will have no effect on my earnings with my article. It is only a guess. I do not know why you want to see it because you know what I am all about through my answers to questions on hubpages. I am not a founding member nor member of the Global Zero.

  4. LuisEGonzalez profile image86
    LuisEGonzalezposted 6 years ago

    Mr. Buttler I have to admit that I have enjoyed your ramblings, but seriously, where is this article? Or could it possibly be just a figment of your imagination, perhaps??