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Have you ever study a persons screen name and found it to be dark?

  1. heavenbound5511 profile image78
    heavenbound5511posted 6 years ago

    Have you ever study a persons screen name and found it to be dark?

    Some screen names are just that, or their name, nickname or just innocent. But some screen names reveal a person's spirit, intentions, path or etc. Another point is that it tells me something about them that they don't reveal in any other way, not even on there pages. Pay attention and if you get a strange feeling about anyone on here see where there screen name leads you by studying it. Words mean a lot more than we thank. Words are powerful. We perish for the lack of knowledge. I can't give any examples for it wouldn't be wise. Just a question of what I have observed and that all.

  2. misty95 profile image60
    misty95posted 6 years ago

    If your reading properly, you hit the shadow first with all. That, is when you are seeing straight.

  3. your cybersister profile image59
    your cybersisterposted 6 years ago

    I have seen some screen names that seemed a little dark, a little disturbing and did wonder why an individual would choose that particular name for themselves.  There could be many reasons, I suppose.  Maybe to grab attention, maybe it doesn't mean the same thing to them as to the reader, or maybe as an alter ego to write about disturbing things they aren't comfortable sharing face to face.  We'll never know.  I have seen more screen names that are just names, nicknames, cute, or very clever though.

  4. ptosis profile image75
    ptosisposted 6 years ago

    Chose my name because I didn't want to be girl432.

  5. tsmog profile image83
    tsmogposted 6 years ago

    Threw me for a loop with the questions about hub scores dropping, I did a double take of the shade of names - LOL, I wonder sometimes of names all together, then look at mine and one could wonder. It is my intials + og a registered chat name. To many it  means ol' gangsta, commonly old guy, and few chat buds say it means opera ghost.

  6. profile image0
    AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 6 years ago

    My screen name is Light for humanity and represents the truth for all human beings to see, read, understand for their benefit in their life on the earth through my answers and my 2 articles that I have written of which my 1st article on June 2010 A.D. is seen in 8 countries and 11 cities around the world through 100 percent referring sites traffic and my 2nd article on April 19, 2011 A.D. is on the best and hottest hub on hubpages "besthubpages.com" and also " Top Listings " for hubpages and is 3rd on the list for top listings. My 2nd article was put on both places on April 19, 2011 A.D.

  7. edhan profile image59
    edhanposted 6 years ago

    I like to use my real name instead of nickname so people will know who I am. Yes, I do believe names do tell the dark secrets of intention.

  8. profile image0
    Dandraposted 6 years ago

    My screen name is just my name! But I guess there are dark or light undertones in a person's moniker here on Hubpages. I guess that's up toi their choise.

  9. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 6 years ago

    my screen name probably seems to be "dark" to some. then being an athiest adds icing to the cake. it's ok , though i'm probably a kinder person then a lot of people who would judge me to be dark.

  10. heavenbound5511 profile image78
    heavenbound5511posted 6 years ago



    Cybersister -Yes, some screen names are just to grab attention. Some are not good & link to darkness & curses. There are people in this world that work to go directly against God's people and do this on purpose. We are to be alert & aware. But thankfully not to many on here are out to trick or do harm. Godly discernment plays a big role in even knowing what to pay attention to.
    Potosis- Funny- your screen name means a disease- potosis means:Abnormal lowering or drooping of an organ or a part, especially a drooping of the upper eyelid caused by muscle weakness or paralysis.-LOL! Hope this isn't an affliction you are dealing with.Thanks for your comment!
    Nightwork- So true an athiest can be one of the nicest people around. True darkness is anything against God which = lies/sin and isn't alone based on niceness. It is something that also is included in the way God desires us to act and be. Thanks!
    Tsmog- Thanks for your answer to my question. Everything does have a meaning. smile
    Misty95- Thanks for your time & from looking at the subjects of your interest such as you state on your profile that you are in search for truth and that is truth in all fields. Based on this you should be one that knows everything means something. Also I put down "that's all" for those who it would go over there head.I have no doubt on those screen names I have come across, few but they have hidden intentions.smile
    Edan- I do agree with you that names & words can reveal darkness. We are to test the spirits and see if they are of God. We are either for Him or against.Some screen names are words from other languages that have really dark, evil roots to them and represent there true intentions, and those that are involved in dark paths do- attempt to suppress others that are following God and spreading the gospel. It's something many don't realize because we have been lied to. When God leads me to check something out I do. God wants us to be wise not blind.
    Dandra & Ambassador - Thank you for your reply and may we walk in what is true & stay clear from all that appears dark/evil. Along with praying for those in darkness to come out and be saved from there own sins!
    God bless everyone that has commented and read my question. May we pay attention and quite being so naive! smile

  11. MystMoonstruck profile image81
    MystMoonstruckposted 6 years ago

    Mine is that of a character I created many decades ago while Alter Egoing in letters. Much later, we heard this called "roleplaying", but AEing is quite different in many ways, much more demanding actually. Myst Moonstruck is an Elemental who has been very popular in character conversations and in stories. I used the moon reference because my name is one of the moon goddess's. "Moonstruck" was because I pictured this being seeming a bit daft to people at times.

    So, in this case, there's no darkness. And, I'm not a fan of Cher's movie though it's not bad.

  12. ChristinS profile image95
    ChristinSposted 6 years ago

    I think a mere screen name is not enough to "judge" others by.  I believe we live in a society where short attention spans abound and that people do not take the time to get to know others. 

    I am personally grateful every day of my life to have friends from all walks of life.

    My personal thought is if you are judging someone by a screen name without having taken the time to talk to or better understand the person - perhaps you need to open your mind a bit. 

    The world is full of fascinating and interesting people - many of whom are not going to think, act like, or believe what you do - and that is what makes this place wonderful. 

    "Don't judge a book by its cover" - or in this case a writer by their screen name.