What is the biggest mosque in world ??

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    badermunir2011posted 6 years ago

    What  is  the  biggest  mosque  in world ??

    what  is  the  biggest  mosque  in   the  world ??

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    ZIa Ahmed khanposted 6 years ago

    I will answer the question relatively, the most sacred most important is Haram Sharief  also called Masjid e Haram ( Kaabaa - Mecca), and it remain biggest of all, then it will come to Masjid al Nabavi( Madina), this is second biggest in the list, the third most sacred is Masjid al Aqsa ( Jerusalem) but not among the top big masjids. The Biggest in old time was Masjid Al Qurtaba ( Spain).
    Masjid al Haram - Mecca Saudi Arabia ( Kaabaa)

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    Syed Misbahuddinposted 5 years ago

    The Masjid-i Jahan-Numa

    The later name, Jama Masjid, is a reference to the weekly Friday noon congregation prayers of Muslims, Jummah, which are usually done at a mosque, the "congregational mosque" or "j'ami' masjid". The courtyard of the mosque can hold up to twenty-five thousand worshippers. The mosque also houses several relics in a closet in the north gate, including an antique copy of the Qur'an written on deer skin.