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Which is more likely to exist, God or extra-terrestrials?

  1. mintinfo profile image75
    mintinfoposted 6 years ago

    Which is more likely to exist, God or extra-terrestrials?

    I do not believe in either but lately there seems to be more evidence for ETs. Share your answer and why.

  2. rafken profile image80
    rafkenposted 6 years ago

    I am sure that both exist, what I am not sure about is if they are the same thing.
    It could of course be argued that if God does exist, he is not of this Earth, therefore he is an extra terrestrial. That then would mean ETs are more likely to exist.

  3. Jason Oleinik profile image72
    Jason Oleinikposted 6 years ago

    There has never been any physical proof for God, and logically-speaking, there is no reason for why one would exist.

    Extra terrestrials don't really have any proof either, but logically-speaking, they make 100% sense. The Universe is is enormous in size (perhaps even infinite), and if there's life in a small corner of the universe like our own Solar system, it would be logical for it to exist in other places too.

  4. lone77star profile image84
    lone77starposted 6 years ago


    I have created miracles, been outside my physical body with full visual acuity and have remembered dozens of past lives. If I am a non-physical, spiritual and immortal source of creation, as these experiences suggest, and just like Genesis 1:26 says, then there might be a God behind it all.

    E.T.? Statistically, there is very little chance that all of the planets in the universe are devoid of life. One estimate places the number of life-bearing worlds at something like 100 sextillion (100 thousand, thousand, thousand, trillion). Scientists have already proved that any moderately complex chemicals already known to exist in the galaxy between stars, riding on a meteor will have complexity "added" to it by impact on the surface of an Earth-like planet. This is somewhat counter-intuitive, but leads one to surmise that life may very well be a chemo-mechanical process that inevitably leads to life whereever it is possible to exist.

  5. Thesource profile image79
    Thesourceposted 6 years ago

    Both exists.

    If you go the the beach as scoop up a cup of sea water. chances are you will not find a fish in it. That does not mean there are no fishes in the sea. Similarly space is almost infinite in volume. We cannot assume that there is no one out there. Our solar system is relative new compared with the age of the universe.

    As for God you cannot feel him through your mind. You can only feel God through your soul. Mind needs proof. Soul needs no proof and know everything. Those who are more tuned to their soul rather than their minds knows God exists.

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  6. M. T. Dremer profile image96
    M. T. Dremerposted 6 years ago

    Believing in extra terrestrials is not as outlandish as it might seem. The universe is larger than any of us can really comprehend, and given the amount of star systems with planets like ours, statistically there HAS to be life out there. However, the likelihood that they've ever been to Earth is extremely small. So while I believe in aliens, I don't believe we've ever seen one.

    Where god is concerned, it really depends on your definition of god. If you believe there are beings in the universe that are god-like, then I could understand that argument. But believing that an all-encompassing god exists out there, centralized on Earth for some reason, I feel has much less weight to it. The Earth is proof that life can exist in the universe, when certain parameters are met. So we can reasonably assume, if the same conditions are met elsewhere, life will exist there too. However, without an existing example of a real deity, we can't assume the existence of any other gods.

  7. Felynx profile image61
    Felynxposted 6 years ago

    I think the answer is obvious that alien life is a greater possiblity. Realistically, people are going to defend the BELIEF and FAITH in Gods existence with nothing to back up such a rediculous claim.... but if WE exist, why not alien life? If you think about it from a different species perspective, the fact that humans as an intelligent race exist somewhat solidifies the possibility and fact that they themselves do. Though technically it is, metaphorically its not such an out of this world idea.

    ....And yeah, just because the trees and mountains exist, that doesnt mean an omnicient and omnipresent being created them..... durrrrrr...