Do you Believe in ghost, demons, poltergeists and any and all other manner of pa

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  1. etherealdabi profile image71
    etherealdabiposted 7 years ago

    Do you Believe in ghost, demons, poltergeists and any and all other manner of paranormal?

    A simple yes or no is acceptable, but I like to hear a little more.  Tell me what manner of paranormal you believe in, if not all, and why or why not!

  2. ianleverette47 profile image83
    ianleverette47posted 7 years ago

    Well, I'll tell ya.
    We have a friend in her 50's who travels to Gettysburg several times a year to visit her ghost friends and she goes on the battle field to see the soldiers still left there who are still fighting the Civil War. Her husband smelled tobacco as they were driving down the highway a few weeks back. Immediately, his wife turns to the backseat and starts up a conversation with one of those soldiers killed in that same Civil War, and that's a highway here in Canada.
    Their house has a ghost in it - she goes to cemeteries and gets into conversations with whoever is there --- and I'm not talking about the living. So much more about this woman friend, but ---some other time.

    We had a woman here yesterday who is a medium (like Allison Dubois in the States). The stories are great to hear even though when she looks at me, she sees a boy --- and I'm 63. Guess I'll be livin' for quite a bit longer. She going to tell me something in 7 Days -- can't wait! ---- BOO!

    I told her about the Ouija board I had years ago and the events I experienced after using it. I mentioned that I had one in the basement.
    Well --- that was a mistake.
    Now I have to meet with her at a place near a swamp that she says has two not so nice entities that exist there.
    Apparently the Ouija board has to be disposed of in this swamp and then be able to rot in the open.
    I hope she doesn't want to go at midnight! That would be a deal breaker.

    I went to a seance one night in Merrickville, Ontario and both psychics there wondered why I was there. They saw sparks shooting from my head as I entered, and No -- I wasn't on Crack. The medium here yesterday called it an aura. Whatever it was, the night was Halloween and yes, with a thunderstorm. Awesome time.

    So the answer to your question is, yes. I do believe in the supernatural and the afterlife and have written a story on it as one of my hubs, but dammit --- I would like to see and talk to just one friendly one before I myself become one of these spirits.

  3. lockgirl profile image61
    lockgirlposted 7 years ago

    Oh hell yes I believe, I have dealt with the paranormal my entire life. I have a few hubs about my hauntings.

  4. eapratte profile image78
    eapratteposted 7 years ago

    I believe in ghosts (souls stuck here and the energy imprint kind), spirits, elementals, poltergeists (more of the human kind than the ghost kind), spirit guides, and shadow people. Personal experiences, research, and too many people having similar experiences with one another throughout history have made me believe in these beings/things. Demons, I neither believe in or dismiss. The definition of "demon" has changed frequently since its conception so it's hard to say what is a demon and what's not. What most people think of when they say "demon" is a purely negative being that has never been human, and I can't say I believe in purely negative beings. Beings who are mostly negative, like blackholes, yes, but not purely negative.

    ianleverette47, the idea of having a Ouija board in the basement freaks me out. I don't like them in general, bad experience, but I've read about too many places that are haunted and how the primary locations for things, especially of the more negative variety, reside in basements and attics. Of course no one knows if this is really true, but it might be a good thing for that thing to sink in the swamp rather than sit cozy and idly in your basement.


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