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On the question of who occupied the West Bank first, Jews or ? (Arabs or Muslims

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    My Esotericposted 6 years ago

    On the question of who occupied the West Bank first, Jews or ? (Arabs or Muslims)? Which ist it?

    I always just assumed we were talking about Muslims vs Jews in the fight over who settled the land called the West Bank (and Ghaza) today.  Upon reflection I am no longer sure and am thinking it might just be Arabs, in general, while recognizing there are Christian Arabs as well as Jewish Arabs.

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    Derdriuposted 6 years ago

    The Jewish claim to all Israel is ancient, historic and religious. Between the original ancient settlement and the official declaration of Israeli statehood on May 14, 1948, there were a number of different intervening occupations of variously shorter and longer lasting durations, including that by both Arab Christian and Arab Muslim populations.

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    darknight444posted 6 years ago

    the adversary is not just e question of religion because the middle east is e home to e lot diffrents religions like islam and cristianity and even judaisme and there ther is e harmony between islam and cristianity since islam comming muslims and crisitian arabs describe it as bortherhood of faith and beliefs and love for jesus and marry the vergin 

    i canot speak without being biase aboute it, because i m an arabe
    but  the probleme is e lot more complicated
    it have 2 sides of it

    1 the religouse claims aboute jerusalem: muslims recognize that jerusalem was the home of the jews for e long time and and all that existe in the jewish texts
    how moses free them from slavary , and how he moove them back to jerusalem
    how his child enter to jerusalem
    and e lot of other storys
    muslims recognize  it, because it s e part of  islamique belifs to belife in the profets and ther story in the holy quran
    but the probleme is that thy loste the right in it in the problemes that rise in judaisme  at the time of jhon  and zakaria and jesus peace be upon them.
    even histoically the romain devide the jews and sent them in e lot of contrys just after jesus even at that time the romains were not cristians

    2 the politicale probleme is that simply you canot claim the right in the land just because you liived in it before 2000 years before
    if thise is okk than
    the americains must moove out and leave the land of indians
    soo thise claim is wrong logically and if it s admited it will result in e huuge problems but by force it s admitted

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    iccievposted 6 years ago

    Being one of the palestineiens that had to leave their mother country for what is called now Isreal I have to tell that its never a Muslims vs Jews thing. Lot of Jews around the world and in the US are against Isreal. on the other hand a lot of christian arab families has been killed or forced to leave or beeing abused by isreal each day in the same way Muslims suffer. I have always seen views of poeple saying that the land was empty before isreal came to it. and I can't imagine how people think this is right that a land have no people and waiting for isreal to occoupy it. its so right that for the last 3000 years the people that living their are arabs but they are e mix of nations orgionally. poeple lived their includes Canaan, Jews, Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Sassanian, Byzantine, arab, Turkish.
    Arab living their for at least the last 3000, and now their is no right for any one of the above to say I has lived their before 10,000 year and I need the land now. even if he do its expected to be a country to equal power for every nation just as the US now after they killed the native owners of the land but any way its now a country for all US Citizens and not like isreal which is a country of Racism against arab (muslims and christians) and any other nation that disagree with them. So wake up people.
    Last thing to say arab muslims and christians lived togher in palestine for long time ago with no problems and fights against them. and we don't even think about the differences their and guess what al aqsa mosque is just standing beside Church of the Resurrection.

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    marwan asmarposted 6 years ago

    Arabs (Muslims and Christains) and Jews have always lived in Palestine. Prior to 1948 when the Israeli state was established, the overwhelming majority were Arab Muslims. In 1948 many of these, around 750,000 or more, were made into stateless refugees and the new Israeli state started receiving hundred of thousands of Jews from all over the world. Today, Palestine no longer exists but but Palestinians--reduced to the West Bank and Gaza--are under Israeli occupation and under the most terrible conditions

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    na cairridireposted 6 years ago

    Pagan Bedouins were there before any of the war born groups that followed.