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Can you help me?

  1. Diann Hull profile image53
    Diann Hullposted 6 years ago

    Can you help me?

    Im not sure where to begin,,, but my son a few weeks ago asked me what a seance was and then proceeded to tell me before I could even answer him,,, mind you he is 7 years old!! How does he even know about seances??? he has an imaginary friend named G who is Dead,,im wondering if maybe G really is imaginary if you catch my drift,,, cant go to family with this cause theyll think im nuts ,, but would love some advice,, my email address is diannhull71@yahoo.com please help,, thanks!

  2. razorblades profile image60
    razorbladesposted 6 years ago

    Sounds like you've got quiet the dilemma!

    Firstly explain to your son in terms he'll understand what a seance is.  That people believe that it's a way to contact people who have passed on.  He may ask you if you believe in it, if you don't, be honest.

    As for his imaginary friend, experts do say that there is nothing wrong with this per say, however if you feel it's taking a turn you're not comfortable with, try to phase it out.  So if for example he tells you G is coming for dinner, you should in the nicest way possible tell him, it's not a great plan, as you had planned that you would both do some colouring/reading/activity after dinner and you wanted some time for just you and him.  You can even do this for outings, you're going to the park or playground and tell him that you would really like some time with him by himself, as he's your son and you love when it's just family time.  You can eventually phase his imaginary friend out of his life, but you just has to do it in an non confrontational way.

    Good luck!

  3. Raevyn14 profile image65
    Raevyn14posted 6 years ago

    You have to tell him in a way you think he'll understand. Children today aren't like children before, they have more intellegence then we know. If you're not comfortable telling him what it is, you may need to ask a family member to explain what it is.
    If G is dead and he is your son's imaginary friend, maybe your son is able to see and hear things you can't. If you want your son to stop communting with G, you have to give a good reason on why you think he should stop. Maybe you're son is getting his knowledge about seances from G.

  4. profile image0
    mcals71posted 6 years ago

    I would assume that your son is getting this notion from G, and I'm also assuming that G is a little kid about your son's age. Your son is young, so you still have a good deal of influence and can offer him both authority (knowledge, Wisdom, Security) and positive guidance. I would start by suggesting he make some real friends and forget about the occult, because it may lead to no good (explain to him what it is and how dangerous it can be). I would also go into his room, when he's not there, and have a talk with G. Tell him that it's time to move on; explain to him that he is dead, and that there are lots of other wonderful places he can visit with lots of new friends that are waiting to play with him. Finally be explicit and tell him that whatever he decides, you don't want him to talk to your son or to be in your house. If this still goes on, be prepared to go back into your son's room, when he is not at home, read some Psalms, say the Lord's Prayer and sprinkle some holy water. It might just not be a little kid you are dealing with here, and you and your son may be deceived. The idea of an imaginary friend could be a valid one, but since I see that you are deeply concerned, I tend to dismiss it in this case. After all what little kid, dead or alive, knows about seances? Where did this dubious idea come from? Be alert to any possibilities.