How do u live in mumbai

  1. moneycop profile image74
    moneycopposted 6 years ago

    How do u live in mumbai

    just asked this question as I cant answer there again...question asked could be answered once in hubpages.
    First thing I am not a girl, I did MBA in HR and Marketing in 2005 since then I did teaching in schools and then mba college for about 3 years.
    i didt get your point of father is retired and mom house wife sister about to marry this april. Financially I am weak and cant afford any thing as I dont want to take from my parents. already my sis marriage have emptied them.

    nothing shakes me heaven or I never feel them .annd I am trying for job there too.

  2. Nikita lmfao profile image59
    Nikita lmfaoposted 6 years ago


    You seem to have sufficient experience when it comes to *teaching job*. Another thing what matters is if you have done mba, then its from where?

    Its ok, nonetheless... i got you completely when it comes to the *teaching part*. Probably you could run tuition centres, if you teach accounts for instance then COMMERCE STUDENTS should be your target smile

    I cant feel sorry for you and your sister, as these days court marriages are high, people are more money conscious. In the west, parents do not contribute financially to their children's marriage, grown ups themselves arrange for the same smile

    But in India its more of showbaazi. The husband, inlaws and the boys family are never content with whatever the girls' family do for them..... I hope you are not giving u r sister's hands in that of a man, WHO CANNOT MAKE HIS OWN DECISIONS! So check again.

    Mr or Miss, you are a soul.. in distress and it was my duty to help you smile


  3. moneycop profile image74
    moneycopposted 6 years ago

    Presently I am running my tution center itself. I have no problem with money as i know i can earn whever i want. What matters me is i want to live my own way and not just to follow how do they live
    For my sister I am worried but every thing is beyond my control I found that guy is very well cultured and according to my parents and my sister too likes him but dowry is a fashion here and we are thakurs so no way to escape. But if would be a girl  then i could have made bold decisions. I found him to be totally under the influence of his family and an obedient child.
    Leave it, i have tried all ways but really i am impressed by the boy so i am happy also.
    due to words limit i havent wished u happy holi..
    hope u have enjoyed
    not questioning or blaming  but i have a little fear for helping hands lol....
    even i dnt prefer to take help from my parents.But i could realize that after knowing a person we have the feeling to contribute as u a lot of thanks to you..Nikita..
    will u write some hubs ...i read ur profile and i found it very interesting that u draw sketches. I do painting and i have one of them in my hub - THE DIVINE COUPLE, the fourth picture is of shri krishna i made.
    I make only shri krishna in my paintings.
    but i really want to learn how to make sketches. Hope u must write a hub on it.


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