Could this be the real proof of life after death & multiple lives?

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    Inspired to writeposted 6 years ago

    Could this be the real proof of life after death & multiple lives?

    Some toddlers talk about past life experiences, discussing they've lived before, how is this possible, how do they remember?

    My child, years ago, just starting to talk, went about telling me how where he used to live was very hot, sand everywhere, he used to make clay dishes & pots but he couldn't understand why he currently couldn't find his long black robe?

    I have further spoken to other adults that have experienced past life's from their own children too.

    Question is, how does your child remember so vividly how & where he/she used to live a life previously, but forgets once older?

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    Lilleythposted 6 years ago

    My brother, around age 10, started asking our father about certain people who were deceased and with whom my grandfather was associated.  When our father started questioning my brother, he would say "I'm not supposed to talk about it" and cry.  But he did eventually remember working in a steel mill in another state, and even described the tongs with which he lifted the steel, how he dressed, and that he was called "peanut".  My brother was born 3 days before our grandfather died, and some books on reincarnation say that a child receives a new soul within 3 days of birth.