What is salvation?

  1. Vegas Elias profile image28
    Vegas Eliasposted 5 years ago

    What is salvation?

    I have a fairly good idea as to what salvation means personally to me. However I find it difficult to understand the 'Salvation' that is being sold on various TV channels which prescribe various prerequisites for attaining it. I find some preachers raising their hand and dropping down scores of individuals from the audience. In India I find sages charging hefty prices to conduct rituals leading to salvation. With this background I would like to know the studied response of co-hubbers on this issue. I will accept every comment as positive.

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    Christofers Flowposted 5 years ago

    Salvation is what we have already attained by being alive.  I told this to my rather depressed sister one time.  She was obsessed with the "salvation/damnation" way of thinking, so when I made this statement, a full sunny smile came over her face.

    Ultimate salvation is something that all completely redeemed souls will attain to by virtue of reincarnative expiation, struggle and complete realization of their origins.

    Salvation is so fraught with nerves because damnation is supposed to be at its other side.  We fear that we won't be saved because "original sin", according to this line of thought has damned us all by virtue of human birth.

    So, I have just declared the opposite:  By virtue of our human birth we have been appointed to live on this plane of human experience so that we may improve our characters and beauty so that when we ultimately return to the One, The Causeless One, we will be in a more lustrous condition and be able to live at higher levels beyond our current imagination.

    Complete Salvation is the path a person is on when they realize that this plane of existence is not to escape damnation, or simply live in a realm of a search for happiness and grasping for pleasure and fleeing pain.  This is a realm of Character Building and Soul Improvement.  When we are on this path, we are on the path of Ultimate Salvation.

    Damnation is not missing the green Jeep in Africa which had a flat tire and did not make it to the village to baptize the poor souls,   Damnation is the utter repudiation of understanding your own nature and descending into darkness and complete futility.  This is not God's sentence, it is the soul's own self punishment.

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    Rommeyposted 5 years ago

    Salvation is very simple, it happens when there is a lifeguard on duty and next to him a cute girl in a tonga bikini. That's when the lifeguard will pick you up from the surf even if you aren't drowning, just to impress the cutie. Complete salvation. You are out of the water, with a black eye from trying to keep the lifeguard away, and the lifeguard goes on a date with the girl. Other than that there is no salvation. You got the wrong religion. For a fee, I tell you which is the right one.