What is ISLAM?

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  1. Prince Maak profile image64
    Prince Maakposted 10 years ago

    AsSalaamalaikum everyone

    Hi Sumiya this question is for you, be ready for more surprises coz continuously i`m going to ask you questions about Islam.

    How you better describe Islam? 

    Everyone is welcome to answer this question.

    1. SparklingJewel profile image73
      SparklingJewelposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Hi Maak,

      To answer your question, "how can I best describe Islam", I had to read your Hub to get your perspective because most input I have received about Islam was from  Western points of view. As I said last night after I read it, you have painted a beautiful picture of Mohammad and the Islamic faith. It reminded me of a few writings of Jesus and Christianity.The love and beautiful feelings of the glorious wonders of Allah/God that these great Prophets brought to people of their time and still do today, is very uplifting.

      In turn, it really makes me sad to see what some people that have interpreted these faiths differently have done to put an unloving and dark side on the Prophets and their teachings.

      How do you think and what do you do about those people whose actions  have given Mohammad a bad name to the rest of the world?

      1. dinamars profile image60
        dinamarsposted 10 years agoin reply to this

        hi sparkling jewel,

        (your nickname's pretty wink, i like it). I'm trying to answer your question based on my humble capacity and knowledge. Well in this time of terror and hatred I suppose it would be much better to response by treating other people wisely  with smile no matter what they have thought badly about my religion. Especially from what I've been through visiting several Western countries these recent years regardless what few people see of my appearance wearing headscarf (which they might associate it with fundamentalism, fanaticism or else) I've been always trying to behave smoothly towards them and always smiling, although sometimes it's not easy. But I think this is what I and other Muslim people should do at these times in spite of revenge.

    2. Hokey profile image60
      Hokeyposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Fairy Tale   smile

  2. Prince Maak profile image64
    Prince Maakposted 10 years ago

    AsSalaamalaikum everyone

    Find Answer here
    ISLAM is...

    1. SparklingJewel profile image73
      SparklingJewelposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      Your hub paints Islam in a beautiful light. Well, done.

  3. profile image0
    sandra rinckposted 10 years ago

    I think Islam means peace, or God's people.  I don't think it is a region of the Middle East, being Isreal, or that Islam is a blood type or anything.  I just think it is the belief in God and a peaceful way of life.
    I think that the twelve tribes of Isreal are the twelve aspects of God, like Gad being troop of good wishes or Judah being good faith or something, and that all God's great and faithful good people are spread accross the world and are not better than anyone else, but have a devine sense if you will to promote unity and peace with God and each other.  That Islam is to take care of the poor or help fellow man.

    I do not believe it is the priorty of Islam to do some crazy unethical genicide or to promote war, and that saying in the Qua'ran that if you fight in the name of God than it is acceptable, has been taken to a crazy level, when I think that fighting for God is one that you fight on the inside to keep all the demons out and restore the good name and keep it pure in your hearts.  I told God once,  I will fight for you, but I will not murder, I will not kill for you and I will not hurt anyone for you God, but I will make talks about peace, I will help wherever I can,  I will hand out tissues to someone who is hurt and I will do the best that I can for you.

    I can't make any promises that I will be perfect and not mess up, but I will do the best that I can.  I will face being mocked and laughed at and ridiculed by many people in faith that what I say is right and I will turn the other cheek when they say that I am wrong.  I will hold strong until death and in my time, not be afraid. 

    I will not convert people from what they believe and thier tradtions but I will do the best that I can to open the eyes of the closed so that they will accept all people as their equals and I will look with your eyes to see the beauty in all things.  Above all else I will never forget you and who I am and where I came from and the seemingly impossible mission that you sent me to do.  But with you God, no matter how successfull I become or what happens to me,  I know that your will, will be done and I did as you told me to do.  I can not fail.

  4. Misha profile image68
    Mishaposted 10 years ago

    Sandra, sorry, you need to break your text into several paragraphs, it is not readable this way...

  5. errum fattah profile image60
    errum fattahposted 8 years ago

          the word muslim means one who submits to the will of God, regardless of their race.
    A nd one more tht impressed me alot abt ISLAM is the verse

    “When My servants ask you about Me, then surely I am near; I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he invokes Me, so let them obey Me and believe in Me that they may be led aright.” (2:186


    Beware of suspicion, for suspicion is the falsest of talk. And do not snoop, pry, nor envy, cut, or hate each other, but be brothers, O servants of God.” (Al-Bukhari)

      LOVE*           *
       *    U

  6. skyfire profile image68
    skyfireposted 8 years ago

    So hubpages is place to preach huh ? What was the need to bump 2 year old thread ?


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