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Why Do We Always Focus On The Problem?

  1. AntjuanDavis profile image62
    AntjuanDavisposted 3 years ago

    Why Do We Always Focus On The Problem?

    Most of the time we go through life focusing on our problems and issues. Why do we do that? What we don't realize is that; whatever we focus on expands and the law of attraction begins the process of bringing what we are thinking about closer to us. So if its bad, then we will just get more of it. Instead we should be focusing on the solution. If we focus on the solution, the problem will eventually disappear... It has to because a solution was found. The sooner you focus on the solution the sooner your problem will disappear because they both cannot occupy the mind at the same time.


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    Daveadamposted 3 years ago

    Although it is true & vital that we should concentrate on solving & eliminating our problems & worries, it has nothing to do with the L.O.A..All they did when coming up with the L.O.A is re-brand "will power" as the L.O.A, & instead of logic they use the word magic..So how about using logic & will power, & then realize that we're doing everything to ourselves..Put it this way our mind is only supposed to be there to assist us when needed for problem solving & ideas & memories etc, so how can it come up with what we truly desire in our heart..Obviously it can't because only when we feel something in our heart, will we know if we love doing something or someone..Most people out there identify themselves as their mind, & so logic goes out of the window & unwanted emotions/feelings & fears can over come them..So as most people aren't aware that they create all their own unwanted emotions & feelings by their thoughts, they aren't in a position to stop the negative thoughts to be able to contemplate how to eliminate their problems & worries etc.

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    lone77starposted 3 years ago

    What your conscious mind focuses on is not as critical as what your subconscious feeling focuses on.

    If you feel worry, then you get more to worry about. That's more than the Law of Attraction at work. LoA is a physical process.

    The individual is also a child of God. Created in His image, we have similar traits, including that of creation, the more we assume equivalence of form with Him (more loving, more responsible, more humble, more fearlessly confident and less self-concerned). In fact, God has no self-concern and thus no limitations.

    Christ said that we need to know the Truth and the Truth will set us free. I have found this to be the case time and again. If you have a problem and think you've found the solution, and the problem persists, then you haven't yet found the Truth of it. Finding the Truth of anything makes it vanish immediately. It's a matter of sucking the time out of it -- the reverse of creating.

    Perhaps the biggest breakthrough in my life was discovering the teachings of authentic Kabbalah (Bnei Baruch). It provides the steps back to God, correcting all of the ego's desires to become altruistic and loving. Even my most startling miracles make more sense now that I understand how we are all connected.

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    temptor94posted 3 years ago

    The reason we humans tend to focus more on the problem than the solution is that the problem is visible and we don't have to imagine it since it is already there. The solution, before it is implemented, is still getting visualized until it is actually successful. The mind therefore finds it easier to trust the problem more than the solution.
    I do agree with your theory on the laws of attraction, focusing on the problem tends to draw more problems. The main issue here is lack of faith that a solution will fall into place when we make the necessary efforts.