Where do we go after we die?

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    one2get2noposted 3 years ago

    Where do we go after we die?

    If you believe in god then presumably you believe in some sort of afterlife. so I suppose that you can see a meaning to your life. However, if you don't believe in god and believe that when you die that's it for all eternity....where can you find a meaning for life. In other words 'why are we here?'

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    Lybrahposted 3 years ago

    I believe you go to heaven or hell.  One of those two places.

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    Daveadamposted 3 years ago

    I've got some better questions for you buddy, & that's i wonder if life could exist if death didn't also exist..Also could any possible rule be brought into play to make death a fair system, without changing all the laws of physics?..My meaning of life is obvious to me, but i have done a lot of training over the last year or so..The training i did & still do is mindful meditation/distraction, & emotions & feelings control practice, & if you can get into it will answer 1000's of questions for you..The reason why it's great is because it helped remove "all" of my repetitive negative thoughts, & helped cut out all of societies BS & distractions..It also taught me that i create all of my emotions & feelings myself by what I'm thinking about, or by how I'm reacting to outside influences..So once you get a handle on all that it leaves you with a logical mind there only to help & assist you, & that's when everything starts to get answered for you..I'm fairly convinced that the meaning of life is to learn how to love from the heart, & not from the mind..Our mind is only there to help us find the things we love doing, & is not to be identified with..I can't be convinced by anyone that once a person learns how to love from their heart, that when they die that love will be taken from them, because love wouldn't do that to a person, love is love..The meaning of life is to smile at everyone you meet, & always try to be up lifting & positive, never moan but always be willing to help, amongst other things obviously!lol.. :-)