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Why we are not happy? Is money the reason for tensed, worried, frustrated, exhau

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    kingchahalposted 3 years ago

    Why we are not happy? Is money the reason for tensed, worried, frustrated, exhausted lifestyle?

    money is definitely important MEANS to live good life, but isn't it the reason for most of our miseries?

  2. bethperry profile image91
    bethperryposted 3 years ago

    I have lived both well off financially and poor as the proverbial church mouse. And in my experience, I have found the lack of money causes more anxiety, frustration and an overall exhausted lifestyle. Having plenty of it means you can do more with it and have more time to rest. Not having enough money entails a variety of hardships; and very often the work involved in providing for yourself and your family takes so much toll you simply do not have time for adequate rest, which can lead to illness. I'm not saying money equals happiness, and being rich can offer its own set of nightmares. And I do believe no one can truly appreciate prosperity if they have no clue what it is like to have nothing. But of the two, not having enough money is far greater a test of human endurance than having plenty of it. Happiness, however, is subjective, and involves attitude, reaction to circumstances and the ability to appreciate what we do have in life. In this, the ability for happiness transcends whatever monetary situation we find ourselves in.

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    sheilamyersposted 3 years ago

    I think it money is the root cause for some people, but not others. I like beth's response in regards to being or poor or having at least some money. Yet I also know people who make the same pay I do for the same work and, while I'm not tense, worried, etc. they are. They work all of the over-time they can get and never seem to be happy with the amount of money they have in the bank. They're so worried about getting more and exhausted from the long hours to get it, they can't relax and just enjoy it for a while.

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    Daveadamposted 3 years ago

    It's because, hardly anyone is doing what they'd love to be doing with their lives....People in the west are chasing money, & dreaming of being rich & famous....Meanwhile the poor starving kids somewhere are chasing their next maybe last ever meal, & dreaming of just a chance a shot at life....We have a lot of greedy people in this world, royalty, politicians, presidents, prime ministers, celebrities & big business owners/directors etc....All greedy, & all should be ashamed of themselves....What's even worse than all that, is the brainwashed masses "worship" celebs, & brand names that are being produced in sweat shops in the far east, where kids have to work 12 hr days for pittance....I'm not happy personally, because hardly anyone i know cares about a stranger they'll never meet....For me just knowing there's kids & innocent people all over the world being killed in the name of peace will never allow me to ever be content....I may at times be "happy" but happiness is a big red herring just the same as chasing desiring fame & fortune, & no one should be looking striving to be happy....What everyone wants or should want to be is to be content which is a far higher & permanent state, than happiness which is only ever temporary....I don't want anything i want, until all the kids get what they want....peace. :-)

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    mikejhcaposted 3 years ago

    People want what they don't have. They are tensed, worried, frustrated and exhausted because they are working for the future. People often don't appreciate what they have. Instead of enjoying the moment they stress themselves out worrying about the future.

    You could blame money but I don't think money is the problem. I think the problem is that people are always waiting for something. They are looking forward to the future at the expense of the present. Waiting is not fun. To be happier, more relaxed and have more energy I focus on what is actually going on around me, what  I have and how I feel.

    Focusing on the future leads to a tense, worried, frustrated and exhausted lifestyle. Focusing on the moment can lead to a happier more relaxing lifestyle.

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    Sri Tposted 3 years ago

    Actually, happiness is independent of money because it is a mental/emotional state. There are many students and spiritual teachers who are totally blissed out all the time. Their minds have kicked into a euphoric state by devotion to God, prayer, chanting affirmations, service to others, transcending the material world to higher dimensions of consciousness, advanced yoga or spiritual techniques, removal of negative thoughts and emotions, EFT, NLP, mindful meditation, Ho' oponopono, TM, hypnosis, exercise, outer body experiences, shamanism, self realization, feng shui, tai chi, mind machines, hobbies, or just being with friends and family. If a person has money, great, if not, they can still be happy. Misery is caused by negative thoughts and emotions.