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What does it really mean to be a Christ follower living in such a sinful world?

  1. Zocordaro profile image60
    Zocordaroposted 3 years ago

    What does it really mean to be a Christ follower living in such a sinful world?

    Its becoming more and more difficult to stay focused on God in a world consumed by lust, greed, selfishness etc.  How do you stay focused on living for God and not for yourself?

  2. Lady Guinevere profile image60
    Lady Guinevereposted 3 years ago

    As a person who follows Jesus and his teachings, I think religion has taken all of his teachings and manipulated them for the control of others.  Jesus taught that God and the whole of his kingdom is within each individual.  He even told us that all the laws were set inside of each and every one of us.  He also told us about Cause and Effect and he also told us to love one another.  The religions of today teach something completely different.  They teach division, fear and hate.  Jesus never mentions that we should judge others nor that we all live in a sinful world.  How would that be?  Really how would that be if he taught something totally different as I have stated.  Jesus also said that you cannot have two masters. You cannot be sinful and loving at the same time.  You cannot have Satan and God within you at the same time.  You cannot love and hate at the same time. If God is within us how can live without of that love.  Everything that is not understood is called evil, but we are not allowing for the love of that mis-understanding to show through.  As far as you statement about focused on God, you mean church.....That is a huge difference and mis-understanding.

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    Daveadams36posted 3 years ago

    The reason it's hard to stay focused mate is because the things you mention such as greed & selfishness etc, are things that when you think about them will arise unwanted emotions & feelings inside yourself....The best way to combat unwanted negative emotions feelings & thoughts is to master emotions & feelings & thought control, & to master mindful meditation & the knack of how to mindfully do stuff in your everyday life....Just smiling at someone or saying hello to an old granny is doing god's work, & looking after your own physical & mental health is doing god's work....Finding your hobbies/passions/interests & loves is also doing god's work, & helping others when you can is doing god's work....Having a healthy breakfast is doing god's work & keeping on top of your life is doing god's work, because he put you here just like me to work it all out for ourselves hoping we'll make it & deserve it....So all the greedy, selfish, lustful, mean etc people that you know or have heard of, you should see them as all failing life's tests at the moment....Feel empathy for those people, & use them to help you train in your emotions/feelings control practice....Don't worry about the planet the planet was always safe, do the training & you will hopefully see what i mean..Always keep smiling, & never look back with regret. :-)

  4. Paul K Francis profile image82
    Paul K Francisposted 3 years ago

    As difficult as it sounds, I try not to concern myself with the sins of others. I try to move about this world being cheerful and kind, reminding myself that it is not up to me to decide if the world is sinful or not, and when I live in this way and stay focused on my own relationship with Christ, I seem to discover more of God's goodness in the world. There is probably more good out there than we think. Have a nice day.