Do you believe in exorcism?

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    tonytochimposted 3 years ago

    Do you believe in exorcism?

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    erorantesposted 3 years ago

    I see it in movies. It is kind of scary to sink someone can adopt a bad spirit in your own body and then being control by that bad spirit. Honestly,  I see people who are bypolar. They act like. They are control by bad spirits.
    I have all my religious rituals to reject bad spirits. You need to be baptized and then have your confimation. Then you need to keep the commandments.  That, it is the reason . The prist who is realy holy can perform the exorcim. Some times, I wish . I could be the prist. To cast bad spirit on those people who behave like they are posses. Some people they get out of control. Thanks God . I believe in him and the holy Spirit. And his son Jesus.  I belived that some people who get angry at anyone . It is the bad spirit being rejected by anyone who is protected by the rituals. The people who get the bad spirit . After,  the bad spirit leaves their bodies. They do not remember.  It could be they are spirits of aliens.  Aliens are nice. They only posses bad people. I like your question.

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    Ana Koulourisposted 3 years ago

    Exorcisms themselves aren't exactly something one can "believe in." The part people debate is whether or not they work/are effective. I do believe they work.

    It's important to note that unless you are absolutely secure in knowing what you're doing, you should not attempt an exorcism yourself. Contrary to what some of the other answers say, demons and other malignant spirits can, in fact, enter/possess "good people."