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How does a person meditate on God’s Word?

  1. jacobkuttyta profile image76
    jacobkuttytaposted 3 years ago

    How does a person meditate on God’s Word?

  2. Link10103 profile image75
    Link10103posted 3 years ago

    You take what you read to heart, reflect on it, see how it could be applied to your life, and go for it.

    I would assume at least. Havent really meditated before, let alone meditated on gods word.

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    sheilamyersposted 3 years ago

    Link has a good answer. Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed or distracted and think about how a verse or passage applies to your life as a Christian.

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    manatita44posted 3 years ago

    I can only tell you of my experience, as this is a very individual question. I interpret God's word to mean ALL scriptures, both East and West. By reading with one-pointedness, that is to say, with sincerity and purpose, and without distraction. This enhances inspiration which in turn leads to aspiration, that is to say, going inwards into verbal and interior prayer or meditation.

    Timing is crucial for the beginner, as nature helps when it is at its most peaceful such as early a.m or evening prior to bed. Still, one needs to relate to God's word at any convenient moment. All we ever have, is the Eternal Now, The Sacrament of The Present Moment. Who knows what will happen to me five mins from now? Who knoows the ways or hour of the Lord?

    Being absorbed in the Word is just that, an absorption which comes with a regular yearning or intensity to know or knock on God's door.
    Without this inner cry or longing, nothing can be accomplished.

    How do we do this? focus, absorption, followed by a going within in order to hold or absorb God's Light. This requires regular practice and the other things necessary, such as selfless service, to expand the heart. Prayer, to be receptive to Grace which comes in to transform our darker nature to a more joyful one. This in itself, encourages longing, further reading and greater joy. With practice, one comes to find that many actions and virtues blend into each other.

    Inspiration from the reading, receptivity due to regularity and an increasing ability to lead a purer life; assimilation of the experience and inner aspiration. This also manifests itself in loving service to humanity at large which then returns to enhance one's inner beauty. All is connected. Nice and deep question.

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      celafoeposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Another answer that has no place on the Christian thread.    Totally unscriptural answer.

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    Deborah Sextonposted 3 years ago

    By studying it, and finding out the meaning.
    The Jewish Sages to teach us to look at God's word in four ways

    The four levels of studying the Scriptures, called the pardes are:

        P'shat (literal meaning based on historical intent of author)

        Remez (hint, allusion, analogy, allegory)

        D'rash (application, exposition)

        Sod (looking for the mystery, "deep" meaning)