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Where is the God???

  1. ubrish profile image59
    ubrishposted 3 years ago

    Where is the God???

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    JThomp42posted 3 years ago

    Which God are you referring to? God (Jehovah) is in Heaven. As far as Allah; I have no idea.

    1. ubrish profile image59
      ubrishposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      i just want to know  different opinion of different people

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      JThomp42posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      With all due respect; this is my opinion.

    3. ubrish profile image59
      ubrishposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Thank you so much for your nice opinion

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      JThomp42posted 3 years agoin reply to this

      You are very welcome.

  3. mel1977 profile image59
    mel1977posted 3 years ago

    you have Jesus in your heart, God is his father. he is our father in Heaven. Walks with you everyday as long has you have Jesus in your heart, and a believer of Christ.

  4. Link10103 profile image74
    Link10103posted 3 years ago

    In your heart, in your mind, in nature, an object, or even a cow.

    Depends on what religion you follow, since there are plenty that tell you all kinds of different things. Up to you to decide which one to follow, if you havent already.

  5. connorj profile image78
    connorjposted 3 years ago


    God is everywhere; although one could argue since He is the Creator, He is indeed outside our "time/space." It may perhaps be easier to understand if you think of Him as somewhat like an author of a book, if you will the book could be called "the Universe" so He can be anywhere and because He is the "author" He is not in our "time & space." This also explains how He can see/hear everything and not be "hurried." This may also help explain how He knows what "happened" in the past/present/future. God "sees" the whole continuum simultaneously (past/present/future). God already knows what you are going to do...

    1. connorj profile image78
      connorjposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Unlike lone77star is stating; I do not think our suffering is because of "distance" from Him. I believe that suffering is His gift to bring us to a "place" of listening/revelation...

  6. lone77star profile image84
    lone77starposted 3 years ago

    The God -- the Creator -- is nowhere.

    He/She/It is outside of space-time and does not consist of energy-mass. He is pure Bestowal -- wishing only great pleasure for us.

    The suffering we receive is because of our decision to be distant from Him. His desire to give us pleasure has not changed; only we have changed. But we can change again and this time be Love, just as He is.

  7. manatita44 profile image83
    manatita44posted 3 years ago

    This question by nature necessitates an individual answer. I will say one thing and perhaps you will say another. The Godman will remain silent and the devotee will say: 'Behold thy God.'

    All life is Consciousness. This is Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient. It is Spirit and you are Spirit with form. There is nothing else.

    The Formless utilises the Form, in order for a manifestation, a Lila or Divine Play, to take place. This whole 'thing' bows in adoration to a Higher Intelligence or Perennial Entity that some call God. You are one of its many instruments or temples.

    Still, one has to ask this question as you have just done. Aspiration is the beginning and the end of the journey. Who am I? Where did I come from? Where am I going, is very necessary in the life of the seeker of God. Without this inner cry, this burning flame within the heart, nothing can be accomplished.

    The child cries when hungry, and its mother comes running with milk.

    I hope by His mercy, that you find Him soon. In Love and Light.

  8. Saadat Ali profile image59
    Saadat Aliposted 3 years ago

    Watch is created by a Scientist, we will not looking for that scientist into the watch! this whole universe is created by God, so it will be a silly attempt to search into the universe.

  9. Roohi Bhatnagar profile image62
    Roohi Bhatnagarposted 7 weeks ago

    GOD according to every scripture is -- In every single Atom of HIS creation. And we being one of HIS creation too... HE is within us.... Call HIM -- GOD, ALLAH RAM JESUS.... They are all HIS name.... And HE resides within our own self...