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Is there proof of God and is science man made?

  1. woahthere profile image60
    woahthereposted 3 years ago

    Is there proof of God and is science man made?

    I'm just very curious and in no way am I trying to change views. To some it seems they do not believe in God because there isn't proof and that science was just a bunch of ideas to give people answers. What is your take on this?

  2. M. T. Dremer profile image96
    M. T. Dremerposted 3 years ago

    Well, science doesn't change. It's a universal language that could be re-discovered if humanity was wiped out. It might seem like it changes, because we're always learning new information, but a different species on a different planet could figure out the laws of gravity. Whereas our knowledge of god is based on religious texts. That alien on that distant planet would never know about Jesus or Muhammad. That's not to say they wouldn't have something like religion, but it would be their own interpretation, which paints religion as a regional mythology, rather than something that is universal.

  3. cjhunsinger profile image75
    cjhunsingerposted 3 years ago

    There is no proof for the existence of any described deity. That does not mean that one  or more cannot exist. At this point in time it is unreasonable to think that deities or gods do exist.

    Science is, as were the gods and the ensuing religions, Man's way of describing what he perceived, perceives and imagines. All that exists is defined by Man, not created by Man. We, because of our capacity to reason, have the ability to ask a question and it is we who answer. As we evolve our answers get better.  Our knowledge base grows and  unlike all other animals we build on that knowledge base and our answers become more accurate. This is science.

    It was not that long ago that the sun was the center of the universe and the universe was us, created in the image and likeness of a god. We now  know that our sun is an  insignificant speck in the universe and our earth is even less so.

    It is said that the belief in gods was our first attempt to explain what we perceived as there was no instruction or operating manual.   It was, perhaps, our first rational or  scientific attempt to explain the who, what, where and why of Man.

  4. Zelkiiro profile image94
    Zelkiiroposted 3 years ago

    No matter which side of the fence you sit on, there's no empirical evidence for God or any other deities or supernatural beings. If there were evidence, this discussion wouldn't need to exist.

    Scientists tend not to believe in anything supernatural because, well, their job is all about things that can be proven and tested and observed. It's just logical. To them, everything in the universe can be explained by nature and physics and mathematics, so there's no need for a creator or anything like that.

    Non-scientists don't think that way, and so they adopt religions and spiritualism and beliefs in the supernatural in order to explain the stuff that makes no sense to them otherwise. There is also the powerful promise of a karmic afterlife. But as for proof, they have none. Their beliefs are, well, beliefs, guided only by faith and hope and emotion. There is no proof of any god, but some people don't really care, I guess.

    As for whether science is man-made, that's a weird question. Science is all about experimentation and observation in order to attain new knowledge, so technically that means dolphins, orcas, rats, and crows are capable of performing science, too. Which means the answer is "no." When an animal reaches a certain intelligence threshold, science will naturally come about in some form or another. Maybe figuring out that ice sheets rock back and forth and using that information to feast on some penguins isn't the highest form of science, but it IS a science.