What is the symbolism of Satan in human consciousness? Is he the symbol of rebe

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago

    What is the symbolism of Satan in human consciousness?  Is he the symbol of rebellion against

    a repressive authority?  Is he is the symbol of utter evil & debasement?  Is he the perennial scapegoat for our ills, negativity & irresponsibility?  What does Satan symbolize to YOU?  Analytical answer please.


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    stas karimovposted 16 months ago

    God is love. The love without power is nothing. You are American. Your country rules the world. You can be dumber than me but you are happier than me because your President is in million times smarter than my president!!!!!!!! Your country uses the power of God and the Devil. All other presidents (dictators) of planet Earth using only the potential of the Devil. Therefore, they are stupid and they are weak. Therefore, they are weaker than America. I answered your question if you can think.
    The Devil is spirit and he does not have a symbol and form.