Only Minds And The Perceptions They Create, Exist.

  1. PhoenixV profile image62
    PhoenixVposted 2 years ago

    Only Minds And The Perceptions They Create, Exist.

    True or false? What rationalizations from your "mind" incline you to believe your answer is true?

  2. Tusitala Tom profile image66
    Tusitala Tomposted 2 years ago

    The way it's been put to me is there is only One Mind.   We humans all have access to it at our deepest subconscious level.   An analogy I sometimes use to describe what I mean can be found below...

    Imagine icebergs floating on an endless ocean.  Each iceberg appears separate.  From what is seen above the surface each berg appears unique and alone.  Now imagine that each berg had consciousness.  The tip at the top of each berg represents what we see through our senses: separation. Further down, but still above the waterline, is our easily recoverable knowledge - our memories.  (our mind chatter we call verbal thought goes on at this level; here lives our self-image or ego)

    Below the water line is our personal subconscious.  All those things we've experienced but cannot readily recall but definitely influence us.  These  maybe can be recalled with regression hypnotherapy.

    Still and all, all seem separate, until you realize that the icebergs are all made of water.  Just frozen water.  Water at a slower vibrational rate than the endless ocean in which they float.

    And what is that...Well, it's water, too.   And you call that Infinite Ocean of water, Universal Mind.

    Just an idea...   Created by my part of that mind for your part...

  3. tsmog profile image80
    tsmogposted 2 years ago

    Answering only minds exist is complex. That lends to an earlier post made regard "Would Reality Exist If There Was No One To Observe It?" I won't go there at this time. For now lets say with problem resolution through questioning the mind in fact does exist else where did the question arrive from to ponder by your 'self' or 'another' (the reader). And from there . . .

    The mind IMHO does not create perceptions. Perceptions result from feelings through the senses to my understanding. Those are not creations, they are cognitive interpretations and are empirical thought. Our minds would create perspectives - a view, or rational thought. Sometimes perceptions and perspectives are used synonymous, but that in my view is the obscure cases with common language.

    Here we can begin the long time discussion of the independent differences between a posteriori - perceptions, contrast a priori - perspectives. We can then consider the additional view of Kant being that of synthesis with transcendental thought. The contrast is between Hume's line of thinking saying in essence validation of a concept requires a sensory experience - perception (empirical). Kant says something different. He posits it is transcendental view rather than an empirical view. Or, synthesis melds a priori and a posteriori.

    From his paper "A Critique of Pure Reason" we see this quote: "Concepts without percepts are empty; percepts without concepts are blind."

    A short excerpt from a well written explanation of Kant's view where Hume's is introduced can be discovered at Stanford's Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

    There this quote shares . . . "Kant characterizes synthesis as “the act of putting different representations together, and grasping what is manifold in them in one cognition” (A77/B103); it is a process that “gathers the elements for cognition, and unites them to form a certain content”.

    From that to my understanding we may discover - perspectives, contrast we may see - perceptions, given a mind that perceptions are not created by the mind, although what is perceived by the senses may have been created. That is another discussion. Thus, with reliance on the first quote of Kant there may be realization that existence as cognitive thought is a result of synthesis.


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