How do republican Christians who vote their faith explain Hillary Clinton's test

  1. Kathleen Cochran profile image81
    Kathleen Cochranposted 2 years ago

    How do republican Christians who vote their faith explain Hillary Clinton's testimony of her faith?

    On her faith, Clinton said, "My study of the Bible, my many conversations with people of faith, has led me to believe the most important commandment is to love the Lord with all your might and to love your neighbor as yourself, and that is what I think we are commanded by Christ to do, and there is so much more in the Bible about taking care of the poor, visiting the prisoners, taking in the stranger, creating opportunities for others to be lifted up, to find faith themselves that I think there are many different ways of exercising your faith.

  2. RTalloni profile image87
    RTalloniposted 2 years ago

    Though all fail at times, words about faith have to match one's actions or the words are empty. She is right, we are commanded to love the Lord and our neighbor according to Scripture, but that is far from the only direction for Believers. Something that comes to mind in the context of this question is that a Believer would defend the innocent and most defenseless.  The way the quote above is worded lacks clarity on exactly what she means, but her past behaviors tell us a lot. 

    When there is no evidence of humble repentance for serious crimes, not to mention moral ones, one's faith is called into question. Using words about faith in the context of outrageous behaviors is serious business that too many take too lightly. According to what you quote here a Believer's position about HC would/should be compassionate concern for her blindness to spiritual truths. 

    Saving faith isn't about what we think.  It is about what God says.

  3. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 2 years ago

    Her expression of faith is irrelevant when her actions are immoral. 
    And that's separate from the incompetence, like taking out dictators across the Middle East and assuming democracy would arise.
    Instead, Egypt elected the Muslim Brotherhood who started passing Shariah law provisions until ousted by the secular military.
    Took out Quadaffi, now it is a failed state letting many terrorist groups work there.
    Drove out President of Yemen, now failed state in civil war.
    Tried to take out Assad, didn't recognize that Russia would protect an ally that gave it a military base on the Mediterranean, creating a new Cold War with Russia we didn't need AND arming "militias" against Assad resulted in the rise of ISIS fighting Assad in Syria and fighting the secular government we set up in Iraq to create the Islamic State (ISIS).

    Clinton is responsible for taking out bad guys who controlled even worse Muslim fundamentalist groups in the Middle East, which is why Boko Haram's "bring back our girls" hashtag campaign was even a thing, ISIS, Al Shabab and a dozen other international terrorist groups are a problem rising instead of declining.


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