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Anyone know the origins

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    Mubsabaposted 21 months ago

    Anyone know the origins

    does anyone know the actual origin of the world or if God exists please use valid evidence and cite it

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    nochanceposted 21 months ago

    Everyone knows that the world is balanced on the back of a turtle.


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    Ericdierkerposted 21 months ago

    There seems to be a disconnect in this question. You are asking for evidence of the proof of God and the beginning of the earth and asking for citations? The answer is absolutely no as far as scientific evidence goes. From a sociological, psychological and legalistic term there can be made an argument.
    But science still cannot really state as fact how the earth began. They have cool theories that are believable but not a full consensus on origin.
    So asking for evidence simply gets us argument. And so the evidence available is that there is no clear evidence.

  4. Angele Parris profile image77
    Angele Parrisposted 21 months ago

    I have answered questions like this one many times on hubpages discussion forum. I was shown an origin of the world in a vision, which does not relate totally to the Genesis story. Like you, I have been seeking an answer to the "revelation" I was shown.

    I actually met an African God. He showed me a creation which started with total darkness. I asked him when the darkness started. He said he did not know, he came out of the darkness with the power to create, and thus there might be a higher power than Him. As an ordinary person seeing this I had to hit my head several times to make sure I was not dreaming. In fact, I just could not believe that God was actually real, even though I attended church. I think this disbelief arose because God I saw was African. When I saw God, I did not see a person, but more like a shadow, sort of like your picture. He gave me the books of Galatians and the book of 1st Peter  to read from beginning to end (non-stop).

    He said that Africans existed before the Genesis creation. He told me that people of other races were sold to Him to be slaves. The white men refused to take orders from the Africans, plus He had to make adjustments to cater to the white slaves. For example the central air conditioning unit in my house is not working, so a friend gave us a window air conditioning unit. The other white people said that was not what the white people were sold as slaves for, and conquered Egypt and put them back into slavery.

    He told me that He (God) rests on the Sabbath day. In the old Testament there was no Jesus, and the chosen people were constantly going into slavery.  Thus, He had to send Jesus. Jesus works on the Sabbath day. God revealed to Jesus that on Peter He would build His church. Peter is white, and would be more readily acceptable as an object of worship than a black Jesus.

    He called Paul to spread the gospel to the non-chosen group, giving them an opportunity to obtain Salvation (not for everyone). Peter went to the Jews preaching the new message of Jesus Christ, while Paul went to the non-Jews. He told me that second coming of Christ has already taken place. After the first rapture, the world was thrown into darkness. Like Job, He (God) was challenged resulting in the Renaissance.

    He said that white people think bigger than most people. So I was shown a "white" world that was more complicated than I could comprehend. The new African world, and other lands that I saw were very neat and organized.

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      KingdomComeposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      I never read anything more stupid in my life.

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      Angele Parrisposted 21 months agoin reply to this

      Let me honest with, everybody thinks my story is stupid too.  I am not Rastafarian, and do not believe in the Rasta doctrine, However, listen to Marcus Garvey as evidence.

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    Dr CHE Sadaphalposted 21 months ago

    The origin of the world: the really, really short answer can be found in Genesis 1:1.

    For "proof" of that statement made in Genesis 1:1, may I recommend the following lecture series (free online): http://www.ligonier.org/learn/series/si … re-a-god/?

    This series is not exhaustive, but a start.

    On the existence of God: science and reason can neither prove this nor disprove this. Any reasonable theist (like C. S. Lewis in Mere Christianity) or atheist (like Dawkins in The God Delusion) will confirm this statement.