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What does perfection mean to you?

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    snapcracklepopposted 20 months ago

    What does perfection mean to you?

    What type of perfect life did Adam and Eve lead before they sinned? Did they experience the same problems that we have today?

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    dashingscorpioposted 20 months ago

    There is no such thing as "perfection".
    Perception is reality!
    Having things go (your way) or as you hoped feels like perfection (to you).
    If we are to believe that God is "all knowing" then it's impossible to "surprise him". Although we have "free will/choice" he already knows what choice we will make. Therefore everything that happens has already been foreseen by God.
    If Eve went behind Adam's back to eat an apple from the tree of knowledge that's on par with a wife doing a secret shopping spending spree behind her husband's back after (agreeing) they would not.
    Essentially Adam and Eve were the typical married couple.
    Each person had a mind of their own and personal desires.
    However when one has no options it's more likely they're likely to eventually go along. Suppose there would have been an Emily in addition to Eve. Maybe Adam would have left Eve for her instead of eating the forbidden fruit. LOL!

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      snapcracklepopposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your thoughts and viewpoints. By the way, off the record, the Bible doesn't give the name of any fruit that Adam and Eve ate (Genesis 3:1-6) smile I too thought it was an apple that they ate until I was shown otherwise.

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    TessSchlesingerposted 20 months ago

    Have never been interested in perfection as it is extremely uninteresting to me. I am simply interested in getting things done as quickly, efficiently, and effectively as possible. Perfection not required. smile (That doesn't eliminate having high standards.)

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      snapcracklepopposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Very interesting comment Tessa. Your comment sounds like perfection to me big_smile

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      TessSchlesingerposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Not at all. For instance, when I write, I check grammar, spelling, sufficient academic information, that nothing is factually inaccurate. I know from experience, however, that some will find fault. Good enough for me. Not good enough for them.

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    Ehimen Aimakhuposted 20 months ago

    It is moral excellence, faultlessness and completeness.
    The lives of Adam and Eve directed towards perfection before they sinned was that of happiness, freedom in communication with God because of their perfection. In the Genesis, after God had created them, He saw perfection in them and this perfection was seen in their lives, the way they lived, cared for one another, care and love for God's other creations. Simply put, imperfection was unknown to them until after they disobeyed God and we see that before this disobedience, they communicated with God, God spoke to them - Gen. 2. It is clear from this that only their perfection reflected this communication as God loved speaking with them but when they sinned, communication stopped. It was as if they were forgotten creatures and they lived that sinful life of imperfection though God still continued to show his love through providence.
    Most of the problems we face today in our world, were faced by Adam and Eve, but first, we must be able to identify the problems we mean. Drought? Flood? earthquakes? inability to control and abstain from sin? what problems?
    It must interest us to know, that though we did not experience what they experienced, nothing new has sufficed from the old... all things and problems still remain the same just that these problems have developed into severe ones most of which cannot be controlled by the new generation.
    For us - the new generation to be able to solve these problems, we must refuse to be stuck and for us to be unstuck, we must MOVE towards the direction of faultlessness, moral excellence and completeness in doing God's will for us through true belief and sanctification in HIM.

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      snapcracklepopposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your encouraging and scripturally based comment.

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    manatita44posted 20 months ago

    I do not know about Adam and Eve. So much of scripture are purely mystical and needs to be read and understood in this sense.

    I will, though, talk about perfection. There are essentially three versions, and most Seers speak of two.
    1. A state of total, inseparable and conscious oneness with the Source or God. This is called God-realisation; Self-realisation in the East, and sometimes Divine Marriage or Mystical Union by Western Saints.
    2. Total and unconditional Surrender to the Will of the Supreme. Naturally God-realisation also has to be there before this can happen.

    3. Self-transcendence. The idea that God is not static; that there is no such thing as perfection; that the goal is to go beyond, beyond... into the ever-transcending beyond. God is always in motion, and there are countless limits to spiritual realisations, not the notion of a man waiting somewhere in the sky to Judge us. Much Peace.

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      snapcracklepopposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you! What an interesting explanation of perfection smile

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      manatita44posted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Yes. Excellence, completeness is worthy but always in motion, like God. Nothing stands still. Don't you see that, like electronics or medicine, new things are always on the market? Earth is really a blueprint of the Divine.

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    snapcracklepopposted 20 months ago

    Its important to have the correct viewpoint of what perfection really is. A common error when stating what perfection is, is that many feel or think that perfection means being perfect in an absolute sense, that is, to an infinite degree, without limitation.
    Perfection in this absolute sense distinguishes ONLY the Creator, Jehovah God. Because of this Jesus could say of his heavenly Father: "Nobody is good, except one, God (Mark 10:18). The Creator, God, is incomparable in His excellence, worthy of all praise, supreme in his excellence, supreme in His qualities and power, so that "His name alone is unreachably high" (Psalms 148:1-13, Job 37:23-24). All of God's ways, words, and law are perfect, refined, free from flaw or defect (Psalms 19:7, James 1:17). Other perfection is relative. Perfection of any other person or thing, then, is RELATIVE, not absolute. That is, a thing is "perfect" according to, the purpose and evaluation for which it is appointed by the designer or producer. The very meaning of the perfection requires that there be someone who decides when completion or relative perfection has been reached, what standards of excellence are, what requirements are to be satisfied, and what details are essential. Ultimately, God the Creator is the final Arbiter of perfection, the Standard-Setter, in accord with his own righteous purposes and interests (Romans 12:2)

    Mankind's return to perfection on earth will come. According to the prayer "Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth", this planet is due to experience the full force and effect of the fulfilling of God's original  purpose for obedient mankind and the earth (Matthew 6:9-10). The wicked system under Satan's control will be destroyed.

    At Matthew 5:48, Jesus admonished his disciples or followers to "be perfect (or faultless), as your heavenly Father is perfect" What did this mean? Jesus was say that his followers needed to serve and worship God to the very best of their ability, to walk with integrity according to God's standards of spiritual and moral excellence, as well as soundness of mind.....(Psalms 84:11, Psalms 26:1). So lovingly God allows us to worship Him despite us being imperfect as long as we keep doing our best to keep His commandments and love Him.

    Adam and Eve were perfect, and yet they failed miserably in demonstrating love for their Creator and God. They disobeyed and lost out on everlasting life on a beautiful paradise earth.

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      Ehimen Aimakhuposted 20 months agoin reply to this

      Best answer

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    stas karimovposted 19 months ago

    Close your eyes and walk on your room. You will encounter (bang) something in your apartment! You have not created this planet. You do not know the cosmic laws. In this situation, wisely to speak to those who know everything.

    To speak with God we must be perfect as Jesus. This is the only true path to happiness. We can watch television. We see that millions of people suffer. They do not want to talk to God they do not want to be perfect - it is their choice!