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Are aliens fallen angels?

  1. Cindy Doucet profile image60
    Cindy Doucetposted 15 months ago

    Are aliens fallen angels?

    Are aliens fallen angels?

  2. tamarawilhite profile image91
    tamarawilhiteposted 15 months ago

    No. Angels are a metaphysical entity. Aliens are biological lifeforms from another planet, and no, they are not showing up every other Tuesday to give people spiritual advice or abducting them for experiments.

    The modern "aliens as angels" meme is the human desire for angels/protectors shifting from religion to scifi.

    In a universe with billions of galaxies, intelligent aliens could exist somewhere now a billion light years away or lived millions of years ago or millions of years from now. But short of single celled life forms in oceans under Jovian moons, we're never going to see it unless we invent it like genetically engineering other species for intelligence.

  3. profile image60
    peter565posted 15 months ago

    No aliens are living been from another planet.

  4. bdn9385 profile image70
    bdn9385posted 15 months ago

    1. Aliens are the children of the fallen angels just as Men are the children of God.
    2. Flat earthers and the book of revelation believe there are alien creatures who will ascend from the bottomless pit (underneath antarctica?) and will make war with the humans on the latter days. Their leader is abaddon/apollyon, a fallen angel equivalent to satan.
    3. The big bangers and sumerians say there will be aliens who will come from the planet x or nibiru (the anunnakis) and will return again on the latter days playing as alien gods who claim to have invented mankind. Anunnakis believe and kowtow in 1 true God which means they are no other than the fallen angels.
    4. The constellation suggests three potential alien origin. 1, those gods referred to in the constellation leo as a result of the fall that happened in virgo. 2, the twin gods enlil and enki represented by the gemini who ruled the upper and lower earth and their . 3, the children of 1 and 2 who were the bull demigods (part man part god) who ruled the earth during the constellation of taurus. All these three will take roles during the alien invasion that will occur on the constellation scorpio (latter days) just prior to libra or the Judgment Day. 
    5. The government and media are full of propaganda in preparing and  mind conditioning the masses for the arrival of aliens to mingle with the earthlings in the latter days.
    6. Today's aliens performing mass abduction were not the fallen angels but mere government manipulations of advance technology to achieve NWO agenda. The fallen angels had deceived the government into doing this alien thing to help them achieve earthly power but in truth, this is merely a preparation for a much greater alien invasion later to usher Satanic government spearheaded by the fallen angels. This truth will scare all human government who were led to believe the lies of Satan. All the government will then cry for deliverance when the devil start to implement 666 or gene manipulation to defile the human strain of dna so he could not be anymore redeemed by God. This same manipulation of dna by the fallen angels will give birth to the future aliens who will make war and subdue the earthlings to receive the mark of the beast.   
    7. Christ said all these things are mere deceptions which means that even my answers are subject to deception. Wait for Him then on the latter days and He will reveal to you the true answer. You will have it if you will seek Him He said. smile