Can You Interpret These Cloud Signs For Me?

  1. GalaxyRat profile image81
    GalaxyRatposted 11 months ago

    Can You Interpret These Cloud Signs For Me?

    I saw a few clouds that meant something to me.
    1. A roaring lion
    2. A dragon chasing an angel
    3. A few angels sitting on "land"
    Can you interpret these for me? Thanks. smile

  2. energyhealer222 profile image61
    energyhealer222posted 10 months ago

    Dear Gemini (GalaxyRat), 

    I strongly believe that you should find the interpretation meaning
    deep inside your heart.

    Observe closely and think what these three cloud signs
    means to you? They must represent something of your life or
    they might be warnings from divine.

    My advice is that you should look within your soul and heart.
    Find a silent place to meditate and let your soul talk to you.

    You can also ask your Angels to give you answers on that!
    You must ask them to receive questions.

    Moreover, my own interpretation is that a roaring lion represents power , the angels on the land represents protection and calmness. The dragon chasing an angel was a playful game in between that you should take things seriously and all is well in your world.

    Finally, I do not want to interfere in to your own interpretation, that is my own interpretation , you must seek your own, that what really matters the most !   

    Thank you for sharing your question with us .

    Much love