Why has finding fault with the traditions and customs of one's own religion beco

  1. sivasubrahmanyam profile image60
    sivasubrahmanyamposted 11 months ago

    Why has finding fault with the traditions and customs of one's own religion become a fashion now?

    The youth of present generation are considering themselves highly advanced just by criticizing the customs and traditions established by the elders of their own religion. The regular morning prayer performed early in the morning is being considered as a great disturbance. Every person whether a Hindu, Christian, or a Muslim should have a healthy respect towards his own religion which shows the right way of living with some established rules and practices put into practice after being thoroughly studied and researched by the elderly people.


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    Oztinatoposted 11 months ago

    It is due to the negative affect of modern media, the movies and fashion etc.
    Look at the modern music being promoted and the image that goes with it. It is totally materialistic and often concerned with gangster rap.
    Money, drugs and glamour are the new religion. Even more disturbing the new generation embraces the now older generation modern fashion (who also loved the same gangster rap). This is unprecedented in modern times as the new generation always had it's own fashion in the West. Why? It doesn't take any skill, practice or effort to take drugs and start rapidly using moronic rhyme. With it comes the glitz and glamour of material signs of cash.
    It is so far away from spirituality that to such people the beauty of ancient spiritual practices is invisible to them.
    It is in fact a tragedy.