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Is it a demon

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    Kaylajamesposted 7 months ago

    Is it a demon

    After I fall asleep I'm being woke up suddenly normally around 3am I can't move at all or speak I can feel heavy weight all over me and this has been happening every Sunday for awhile , also last night I saw a shadow by my door ... I appreciate any help whatsoever... thanks in advance

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    chelsea1987posted 7 months ago

    I get the same. This is the first comment I have seen and its exactly the same for me. Sometimes I try to shout and I cant. Im held dowm in my bed, in the dark and even growling sounds are heard in my dream. Sometimes im lifted of the bed and paralized. I end up saying the lords prayer in my dream and fight against it and I also say protect me jesus, you are the lord you are the light, You dont scare me and havent had the dream for a while. But I have had the same for a while. They will go for a while and come back again. Waking on the dot, the same time. It can be over whelming. You just have to fight back in the dream and show you arent scared and you have faith in christ. It worked for me. Bit deep though lol.

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    Cleo Burchposted 7 months ago

    I can understand why you would think that's a demon, but it's not. It's something called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis occurs when you wake up, but are still under the affects of dreaming, basically. You're paralyzed because your body naturally does that so you don't hurt yourself in your sleep. You see this awful shadow because you're still dreaming, just with your eyes open. The hallucinations can get pretty intense and terrifying, plus you may hear things as well. It can happen at any time and if it continues, I would talk to your doctor about it. You should also look up sleep paralysis, just to put your mind at ease.

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    nochanceposted 7 months ago

    It's nothing supernatural at all. Simply sleep paralysis. This article from WebMD should help ease your mind. http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/gu … aralysis#2

    In fact there are many stories such as yours attributing sleep paralysis to demons, but that's because in the old days before sleep was able to be studied nobody knew what caused sleep paralysis. But now we know and can explain it with science. This article also gives some advice on how to sleep better and hopefully this will help your sleep paralysis go away.

    Also since it is happening at the same time every week it may be that there is something that triggers you to wake up and experience the sleep paralysis. Maybe you have a neighbor that gets in at that time and slams the door to their house, waking you just long enough to experience sleep paralysis.