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What are the meaning of these(dreams)?

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    James Emmettsonposted 7 months ago

    What are the meaning of these(dreams)?

    What are the meaning of the following:
    1 If you find yourself in your dream flying above trees level in human form?
    2. If you constantly dream and find yourself interaction with your lost one.

  2. Peggasuse profile image86
    Peggasuseposted 7 months ago

    I've had dreams like that and I know people who have had them too.  Some say that it's a desire to set yourself free.  The psychological reason being that you feel trapped and want to get away.  So in your dreams, you do.

    Depending on what you believe, some say that when you sleep, your soul leaves your body for a time, to do whatever it wants to do.  Which could be the answer to your second question.

    Many people dream of people whom they've lost and if you believe in an afterlife, then it seems logical that when your body sleeps, your soul can travel to where ever that departed soul is, and visit with him/her.  If you dream of someone who has passed over, then it could be that they are trying to send you a message and the best time to do that is when your body is asleep and you're more open to spiritual connection...

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    Necento antoposted 7 months ago

    Dreams are natural and everyone dreams. It can be stimulated because of our thoughts,daily activities for example because of our job or anxiety or anything that we are worried about.
    People try and give interpretation for dreams but I think that dreams have little or no significance. I guess dreams are just our unconscious wishes that we want to fulfill or could not fulfill.

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    James Emmettsonposted 7 months ago

    It's about my late Mother. This was my last interaction with her in my dream: I saw myself claming a hill with holes like ledder along with my friend. We both got to the top together and sat under a hut. But later, I could not see my friend around. After some time, I saw myself again packing dirty dishes in two barrows. The person who asked me to pack the dishes whom I did not remember, said "pack all the white dishes in one of the barrows and all the black in the other". So I started to pack the dishes. All the black dishes finished, but the white dishes could not finish. Because every time I pack and look to where I pack from, I saw dishes there the same way. So I went over and pack, but it repeatedly heppened until I got tired. Later, I saw my late mother and she said to me, " look, I have pack all the dishes, go now". At this point, I got up from bad. Until now, I am yet to understand the actual meaning of this dream.