Haiti and God

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  1. evavolizza profile image58
    evavolizzaposted 8 years ago

    "How could God do this?"

    In my humble opinion,  He/She didn't "do this,"  It's neither punishment nor a is this quake a message of admonishment from the Deity.  God is the prime Mover, the uncaused cause. be it by Big Band or whatever, we are His handiwork of which he is proud.  It is tautological, therefore, to state that God is benign.  "Deus est bonum."  God is good.  He is the polar opposite of Evil. 

    So, Manny (that's my name.), why did He "allow" this to happen.  Well, I am not God; so I can merely hypothesize:

    This earth is not heaven;  rewards are not bestowed here, nor are we punished here by earthquakes and hurricanes. So I exclude the "Ah, see Got them.  I heard they practice voodoo."  Sorry, Charlie, in this one MANny's opinion, God didn't take care of them like the folk of Biblical sin cities.

    God writes straight with crooked lines.  On a geo-political level, I honestly feel that GOOD will come out of this somehow, some way. Those whose lives have been lost are (in my credo) in paradise.  Naturally, if you do not believe in God, you reject this paradise hypothesis.  Then again, if there is No God, how can we question: Why did God do this? 

    President Clinton sitting beside President Bush (in itself rather stunning - Yes?) agree a new Haiti will emerge from these ashes. The history of this in essence "slave" nation, given to France, by Spain is one of 4 centuries of struggle, survival, and courage. Even Thursday hundreds of women (and some men - hmm - interesting !)  marched down the streets of death and destruction singing 'hymns' and songs of hope and joy.

    Haiti has made me a better person; I always say I am going to donate.  I never do. Wednesday I did. 

    Manny Vavolizza

  2. mikelong profile image69
    mikelongposted 8 years ago

    Tragedies befall all at one time or another. The fact that some people like to profiteer or belittle others based off these things is ridiculous.

    I hope that you are right about the re-emergence of Haiti...it is about time that those who made fortunes from that island take responsibility for the human suffering that they have created and perpetuated through ill-treatment, corruption, and neglect..

    Take care

  3. profile image48
    The Paulposted 8 years ago

    Despite all the problems I see with religion, and my awareness that some individuals are turned particularly bloodthirsty by it, I have come to expect certain things from religious people in the face of disaster. 

    Up to this point it had been my experience that when something like this happens the vast majority of religious people set aside their doctrinal differences and whatever issues they take with the beliefs of the victims and call for cooperation in offering assistance, and there is a general tone of sorrow that the disaster happened combined with hope for recovery.  Even among people who normally preach hellfire, I normally expect a majority to respond with empathy and concern.

    That doesn't seem to have been the case with Haiti up to now.  It's good to see someone trying to turn that around.

  4. skyfire profile image70
    skyfireposted 8 years ago

    Faith testing ? Or maybe all atheists/skeptical people died ?

    Lol, let me be serious about this, there is no point in blaming someone who is actually not there to begin with. I have seen regardless of what belief people have they donated to world concern and similar organizations. That is what we can see as good thing in 2010.


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