How do I stay strong in my christian walk

  1. Kim Lay profile image61
    Kim Layposted 4 months ago

    How do I stay strong in my christian walk

    how to stay strong as a christian when this world is in chaos

  2. manatita44 profile image83
    manatita44posted 4 months ago

    It does not really matter whether it's Christian or not, although I would admit that each soul will see the Light of Love in a different way.

    The basic tenets of the spiritual life are in every religion: Love, mercy, compassion, prayer, silent prayer, meditation, self-giving ....

    You stay strong by Love, Devotion and Surrender. Devotion is the one-pointed submission to the Will Divine and Surrender is our Conscious oneness with God's Will. Love is the first stage. Feel like the child does for its mom.

    Human capacity has to go. (The ego-self) Prayer begins when human capacity ends. We need to feel that what we have is only 'limited freedom', that God is in charge, not us.

    Spiritual practice requires self-giving, prayer, Love, soulfulness and integrity, gratitude, meditation ... these widen the psychic Heart and will prepare us for the descent of the Higher forces (Grace) raining down. Without the power and transmission of Grace, little can be done and for this one requires a receptive vehicle.

    Self-control, diet, right or wholesome lifestyle is of paramount importance. Avoid the ones that are always complaining and always have something bad to say about this world. Be like a child but not childish, serve, identify with humans, offer yourself to the God in humanity, practice self-control ...

    Have faith in Jesus. In the same way, I would encourage the Buddhist to have Faith in Buddha. Faith, sincerity of purpose, purity of intention, one-pointedness and a discliplined lifestyle are excellent keys.

    Finally, one would and does fail or stumble numerous times in the spiritual life. Be practical. Do not pretend to be what you are not. Avoid false modesty. Ceaseless prayer - a 24 hr a day life of prayer and loving service -  at home, on buses, on trains, in the streets and at work are essential. Remain watchful. Prudence and wisdom are excellent keys to open the door of the Divine. God speed!!

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    RTalloniposted 4 months ago

    Praying through God's Word as you read it is strengthening and comforting because it helps us grow and gives us courage. Perhaps an ESV or NAS Bible would benefit you most, especially at the beginning.

    Books like Trusting God When Life Hurts by Jerry Bridges are really useful when what see or experience distresses us to the core. His other books focus on various topics you might find helpful.

    We are told to expect this chaos, but to remain faithful because God is faithful. Though we may not always see His hand at work we know that nothing gets past His omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.

    Focusing on growing our personal relationship with Him, or as you put it "our walk with Him" is crucial for ourselves and our usefulness in reaching out to others. The Lord bless your desire to remain faithful!