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What is goal of humanity?

  1. profile image58
    adarsh yadav25posted 7 months ago

    What is goal of humanity?

    it is to be a successful only and if success then in your notion what is success,according to me I think you describe success with money and name...but something somewhere missing what it is?

  2. manatita44 profile image82
    manatita44posted 7 months ago

    Inner joy is missing, or abiding satisfaction. The Universe came out of Love, lives in Love and at the end of it's journey's close, it will return to Love. So we are all wayfarers on this journey.

    The Soul is in isolation from God and its purpose here is to find its way back. For that, limitations, adversity, struggles are all necessary for the full manifestation of the Divine. All souls will and indeed must have their own experiences.

    God-souls come and they point the way saying the same or similar things. Practice compassion, forgiveness, Love, prayer, meditation, selfless service, gratitude .... but we have to do this work.

    So life's purpose is to re-awaken to our true selves... our oneness with God or Spirit. We are made in It's image and the soul will not be satisfied outside of its inherent mystical state.