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The simple way of Apocaliyptic Prophecies

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    chuks123posted 8 years ago

    Daniel exhibit the pass away of the world history from the day one till this present days even till Christ appears. God has shown it all in the book of Daniel chapter 2 and chapter 7. The chapter 2 has been able to show the kingdom of the earth while that of the chapter 7 has exhibit the experience of the people of God before the kingdom will be established.

    From the spiritual side of it the book of Daniel chapter 2 and 7 have show the kingdom in a very spiritual angel so that we can carefully read them and follow them up.God has describe how the world kingdom will be broken even till then end and how He will take over all the earth and establish a wonderful kingdom that will last forever. Lets take a look at the two chapters of Daniel 2 and 7 and look at what they are saying
    CHAPTER 2                          CHAPTER 7
    GOLD                                LION
    SILVER                              BEAR
    BRASS/BRONZE                        LEOPARD
    IRON                                FOURTH BEAST

    This kingdom with animals and mental resources represents different kingdoms. These are
    Babylonian Kingdom stands on for the Head which is the Gold and Lion.The silver and Bear represents the Medo Persian Empire. The Third kingdom which is the Greece stands for the leopard and brass and bronze also goat. The Iron and the Fourth Beast is the Rome but it was not given as such looking at the history it really and truly fit in for the Rome empire.

    This mental in the dream of Daniel 2 and the beast of Daniel 7 are symbols of great kingdoms of the world. The fourth Rome which seeks to change God laws.
    The Apocalyptic time prophecy here is that the little horn persecutes God people for 1260 prophetic days, or 1260 literal years. This starts on the A.D 538, when the Arian invaded retreated the Rome and ends in A.D 1798, when General Berthier of France took the hope captive.need to study this by it time and understand them the way they should be. get the complete book about the history.

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      Jeramiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

          You are correct that this statue describes the first four kingdoms having dominion over the Hebrew Nation.  For there is no doubt that Daniel says that the lord says so.
         The four beasts described in chapter 7 are also said to be the first four kingdoms, beginning with Babylon.

         Many people do not see The Roman Empire as being the forth kingdom having ten horns (kings) that a "Little Horn" rises up replacing three cause The Roman Empire had many more "Kings" than this. What they do not recognize is that the Empire that had dominion over the Hebrew Nation consisted of the first ten kings up until Titus who was the tenth emperor destroyed the Jerusalem and the temple in 70 AD ... then there were three emperors after Titus before Hadrian became the fourteenth Emperor of Rome Dismantled the entire Hebrew Nation scattering the people through out the rest of the Roman Empire.

        This was fulfillment of the visions of the four kingdoms as described in the entire book of Daniel.

        How ever I strongly suggest that a day does not represent a year in prophesy.

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    mikelongposted 8 years ago

    "The four beasts described in chapter 7 are also said to be the first four kingdoms, beginning with Babylon."

    1) The "Hebrew nation" did not exist...there was no 'nation'

    -a kingdom did develop, but after the death of Solomon it divided into two, the Kingdom of Israel, with Samaria as its capital (Samaritans....) and the Kingdom of Judea (from which the title "Jews" derives..

    The first kingdom was not Babylon....

    2) The Kingdom of Israel (10 of the 12 tribes of Jacob split off from Jerusalem hegemony to form this kingdom) fell in 722 b.c. at the hands of the Assyrians...

    How come the Assyrians are not mentioned in your text? They were arguably a greater civilization than Babylon...

    (But you're not even mentioning the Sumerians... don't they count?)

    Babylonians would conquer Jerusalem in 586 bc....but remember this only has to do with 2 tribes....Joseph and Benjamin....the other 10 were already "dispersed."

    Now, in Daniel, God (if you believe in such a being) tells him that the end will come in "time, times, and half a time."

    If anyone is going to try to point to the "end" one has to translate the term "time."

    Which of course no one has done successfully...

    This, in my view, is because there is no "end" and there is no "God" running around spreading apocalyptic ideas....

    Rather, man is the one who focuses on power struggles and destruction...

    In closing, Daniel does not exhibit the "passing away" of world history....it is just a book..

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      Jeramiposted 8 years agoin reply to this

         Every thing is subject to the interpretation of scripture or the lack thereof that determines what people think that they are reading When they read the book of Daniel.

         There had always been a Nation of Israel since before King Saul. Several other kingdoms held military superiority over and had Dominion over that Hebrew Nation, but it was always a nation until it ceased to exist in 138 AD.

        When Germany invaded France, France was still a Nation even though it was no longer a sovereign nation.

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    Jeramiposted 8 years ago

    Prophetic scripture can be better understood when Daniel and Revelation is separated as it should.
       About 98% of the prophesy written in the book of Daniel was fulfilled with the scattering of the Childern of Daniels people in 138 AD.
       The book of Revelations is written similar to a sequel to Daniel. Like Crocodile Dundee 1 and 2.
       Daniel 11 ends with the last king of the fourth beast having dominion over the Hebrews setting up the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious mountain.He will come to his end, and at THAT TIME Michael will stand up for the Children of Daniels people.
        At that time the 144000 Hebrews will be redeemed from the earth and a "SOME" will be raised from the dead.

          In Chapter 12...  V.7...After the 144000 are redeemed the power of the holy people will be scattered for a Time,Times and a half.  V.7 and V. 11 compares A time, times and an half as being 1290 days. The power of the Holy people being scattered is compared to the sacrifice being taken away.
          This 1290 days began when the Hebrew Nation was scattered among the Rest of the Roman Empire.It ended around 1800 when the Hebrew people started migrating back into the Promised land.

       Woke up and couldn't go back to sleep, going to try to now, and be back in a few hrs.

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    kessposted 8 years ago

    Mikelong wrote ;

    "Now, in Daniel, God (if you believe in such a being)  tells him that the end will come in "time, times, and  half a time." If anyone is going to try to point to the "end" one has to translate the term "time."...,"

    Which time are you referring to?
    Time as used in Daniel or time as used Generally.

    I can tell you what either of the "time" means.

    But since you already made up your mind and called your self an atheist, you would have to be willing to reject that identity in order to believe it.

    The knowledge of God is encompassed within the knowledge of the truth within.

    But since me do not seek out truth from within, therefore they have no knowledge of God.
    Even some who confess him.