Do you believe Jesus was a real person?

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  1. lovetherain profile image69
    lovetherainposted 3 years ago

    or is Jesus just mythology?

    1. wilderness profile image96
      wildernessposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      Probably real, but without the mythology surrounding him.  Zombies are not real.

      But it IS troubling that there is so little recorded about the man - Romans were pretty meticulous about their record-keeping and the Israelites were not bad.  That there are only a small handful of reports from the thousands of people he had such influence over, and we don't know if even those were written by the author they are attributed to is...disconcerting.

      1. lovetherain profile image69
        lovetherainposted 3 years agoin reply to this

        Plus his life reads like a mythological tale.

        1. wilderness profile image96
          wildernessposted 3 years agoin reply to this

          Well, if he WAS real, the myth's of His life aren't.  Guess he could be both real AND myth?

          1. lovetherain profile image69
            lovetherainposted 3 years agoin reply to this

            That's a possibility.

  2. The Big Drake profile image60
    The Big Drakeposted 3 years ago

    Could be loosely based on someone. Kinda like Robin Hood.

    1. lovetherain profile image69
      lovetherainposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      That's a possibility too. IAlthough I didn't know Robin Hood was based on anyone real. I will have to look into that, it sounds interesting.

  3. The Big Drake profile image60
    The Big Drakeposted 3 years ago

    The term "Robin Hood" was a popular term for highwaymen back in the Middle Ages. Jesus could have been based on one or many teachers/healers (or whatever). The same way that the most popular nickname in the Old West was Billy the Kid - not saying that William Bonney never existed.

  4. radhapriestess profile image45
    radhapriestessposted 3 years ago

    Definitely real. I will tell you why. At Ladhk, a province of Tibet, two Russian scholars and one Hindu Swami, saw document where a St. Issa is mentioned. The description of the person is of Jesus. Issa in Tibetan means Lord. The details are excellent and it does sound like a very real person who existed. Jesus taught spiritual truths, yes. What we see in the Bible is only a portion of who he really was. The Gospel of Thomas probably gives you more idea of his philosophy, which is way above what we see in the Bible. You got to remember that the Catholic Church set the Cannon in the 4th Century and they threw out a number of books of the Bible. They probably censored some parts and left in other parts of the Bible. In India he is highly respected as a great Master Teacher and yogi among many Hindus. Some see him as an incarnation of the Divine. In any case he has certainly influenced humanity with his golden rule philosophy.

    1. wilderness profile image96
      wildernessposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      If he took a new name - a new identity - and there is no physical description, what makes you think it was Jesus in Tibet?

  5. abwilliams profile image65
    abwilliamsposted 3 years ago

    I believe that Jesus came to earth in the flesh and he walked among men. 
    He learned, he taught, he preached, he loved, he laughed, he cried, he bled and he died.
    But, death could not contain the son of God, as foretold, he arose!
    I will be remembering and celebrating the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, this coming Easter.

  6. Live to Learn profile image78
    Live to Learnposted 3 years ago

    We have as much evidence of Jesus as we do many figures from antiquity who we accept as having been real people. Jesus is simply set a higher bar, than many. An itinerant preacher, not a Roman citizen, doing nothing which would cause the authorities (Roman, that is) to pay attention.....why would he be written about in secular government? Rome could have cared less, until the Jewish authorities chose to act. When they did bring the Romans into it, he was crucified quickly thereafter. Crucifixion was commonplace. Nothing to write about.

  7. Jessie L Watson profile image85
    Jessie L Watsonposted 3 years ago

    I think its more useful to think of Jesus as one the most prominent epic heroes like that of the Mesopotamian Gilgamesh or Hercules. So, like, no. They weren't real but their fictional persona is supposed to serve as an ideal to strive toward. We have to dissociate the divine from people themselves. That's why dictators are so abhorrent. People can't distinguish between the person and the god. Jesus is special in that he embodies God but in such a way that no one could ever realistically emulate. He's a more personal avatar for those who want to have a closer relationship with God.


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