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OLOFIN, OLOSI and OBATALA, Mythical Story of creation

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    OMILEFUNposted 8 years ago

    ÈGBÈ ÓDÙN OLÓFIN – The Family OLOFIN'S Secret
    Ogbó, ató, OLÓFIN á gbà é - Long Life, may OLÓFIN Bless you!!!

    Àború, Àboyè, Àboşíşe:

    Here is Baba Oduduwa's version of the Mythical Story of Obatala creation of the Human Being

    OLOFIN, OLOSI and OBATALA – History of the Origins
    In the Beginning there were no Orisha, because OLOFIN had created an Immortal being, that was beautiful and with all the heavenly powers, this immortal being is OLOSI. This Olosi now lives in the Underworld. Olosi means the Owner of the Left path.

    Olófin creates Olosi, and sends him to Earth, he puts him in charge to govern the Earth.

    OLÓFIN decides to create and give life to a special Being, this being is called now as OLÓSÍ (owner of the Left side, or the other side, the side of darkness, evil path), and he was created within this Solar System. OLÓSÍ was created immortal, powerful, beautiful, Omnipotent and perfect. OLÓSÍ was send to Earth, at that time the Earth was in Darkness, that was the Time of Great Darkness, there was a great ocean all over the planet, the planet was covered by dark clouds, and there were submarine volcanoes active, some were emerging to the surface of the waters, with lava flowing and becoming solid, forming new earth surface. The volcanic ash clouds spreading all over, the planet atmosphere was dark. OLÓSÍ started to deviate, to do crazy things, to pervert, he stars to create Chaos, to created deformed creations, kind of demonic like beings, he start to create havoc through Electrical Storms, Thunder and lighting.

    OLÓFIN was fed up and lost his patience, and he tries to destroy OLÓSÍ through hitting him with electrical thunders over him, but he forgot he created OLÓSÍ as an immortal creature, so he couldn't destroy him. OLÓFIN decides to control OLÓSÍ and he puts him in the underworld in the center of the planet. OLÓFIN made a pact with  OLÓSÍ to keep away from Earth affairs and its creatures.

    OLÓFIN learns from his mistake, and decides to make another creation, he decides its time to give Life to Earth, and make living creatures, but mortal ones. OLÓFIN creates the first mortal human being, that was OBÀTÁLÁ. OLÓFIN learned from his previous mistake, when he created OLOSI. Creating him mortal, OBÀTÁLÁ could have control of the destruction of his material life, if he goes control,  or out of the right path that he has being desing, he is vulnerable and easy to destroy.

    The IRUNMOLE OBATALA, is the Energy and Essence that makes an  Orisha Obàtálá to manifest in this world.
    Obàtálá later created other immortal beings but with only one special Power and with a hierarchy, so he can control them, and if they got out of control, Obàtálá could destroy them.

    Obàtálá created other immortal beings like Ògún, Òrúnmìlà, etc.

    Obàtálá says to himself, I am going to create and make this earth fertile, but there is a problem, the earth at that time was totally covered with water, and the entire ocean was the domain of the Great Olokún, that was the owner of this great Ocean.  Obàtálá went for a divination with Òrúnmìlà. The Great Awo (Diviner) told Obàtálá that if he wanted to conquer that earth, and make his creation, he had to make EBO (Ritual Sacrifice), and after you make EBO, you have to gather GOLD from all the Orishas, and you are going to go before Ògún, and ask him to make you a Gold Chain. In order to go down to earth, you have to carry a “Snail shell”, and in the other hand you have to carry a “Black CAT”, you have to go down using the Gold Chain that Ògún is going to make you.  Obàtálá follow Òrúnmìlà’s instructions, but Obàtálá hi did this with fear, because he was mortal, and he could die trying. When Obàtálá is going down while using the Gold Chain, he notice that the chain was too short, and he said to himself, “And now what should I do, because Òrúnmìlà told me to do this”. Then Obàtálá throw the Snail Shell, and with this he creates the first earth, or solid ground on the planet. This first earth, was what is known now as “PANGEA”, the first great continent. In this way Obàtálá could go down to land on solid ground. When all this happened, Olókun emerge from the bottom of the Ocean, and says to Obàtálá, “Why are you invading my domains?” Obàtálá told Olókun that to excuse him, that he comes to fulfill OLOFIN’S mandate, but Olókun told him that he controlled everything there. When all this happened, Obàtálá threw the Black Cat, and when Olókun saw the Black Cat, Olókun because he was very conceited and proud, he wanted to have that estrange creature. Olókun traps the Black Cat, and he starts to observe, and to pat the Black Cat, and while doing that, Olókun amused himself and he retreated back to his underwater domains. After that, Obàtálá started to begin his work of Creation, and he created a Man made out of a Wood Tree, but he noticed that when two or more Wooden men make friction with one another, they created fire, and they burn up and end up destroyed.

    Obàtálá says to himself, “I have to find something that I can use to Create, that can’t be destroyed that easily as the other creations of wood.  Obàtálá found a bag of mud, and he thought that it would be a good material to create. With this Red Clay or Mud, he created the first Human Being. So Obàtálá continued to create many men and woman, but he became so thirsty that Obàtálá he started to drink Palm Wine, he end up drunk, and he continued to create, but in a drunken state, and in that state he created weird and deformed creations, like a man with only one leg, or hand, a woman with one breast, one eye, or no eyes, etc…  So Obàtálá goes up the Gold Chain up to Heaven, and he goes before OLOFIN, and Obàtálá says that he Created new human beings, and he asked if he could Rule those people he created. Olófin told him that, “Yes you can Rule them, but before that, you should see what you just did”. Then Obàtálá saw the beings he created when he was Drunk, there were a lot of deformed people, people with estrange phenomena. Obàtálá then makes an oath to never Drink alcoholic beverages, because when he does, he end up doing a lot of stupidities.

    Note: Here is one of the reasons for the prohibition of the Omo Obàtálá  to don’t  drink.

    Obàtálá says: “From no won, I will be the protector of those people with deformities. That’s why if someone tries to make fun of other people that are deformed, Obàtálá punish them.”

    Obàtálá when he worked with Mud to create Humans, he blew the nostrils with the Ashe of the Orisha.

    At the place that Obàtálá landed for the first time, it’s the place that keeps the energy of his footprint in Africa.

    NOTE: This part of Obàtálá story it’s kind of symbolical, that should be taken into consideration.

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    I thought olofin was that fat free stuf in  potatoe chips that gave people the shits?

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      Justine76, what language do you speak?