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Church members

  1. TLMinut profile image60
    TLMinutposted 7 years ago

    Anyone who is or has been a member of a church - what does it entail? How is being a member different from just attending? Does it mean you agree to do something specific? I asked a pastor once but don't recall the answer, it doesn't seem he really had one.

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      SirDentposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Becoming a member shows your commitment to the body of Christ. It also, as was stated earlier, gives you the priviledge of ministering.

      A tree with no roots cannot grow. I have known of several who moved from one church body to another. These are like chaff in the wind. It is like they have no place to call home. Everyone needs a home church.

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      Brenda Durhamposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      There are specific requirements and options for people who join Catholic Churches and some other churches....

      Myself, I've only been a member of two Churches, a Baptist one and a "Christian" one....

      The only requirements there were that one was saved (believed in and accepted Christ) and agreed to edify the other Church members Spiritually and literally.

      Although there was some pressure in the latter one to tithe, as well as quite a lot of pressure to take every word of the leadership as Gospel, when in fact it wasn't always....

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    JeanMeriamposted 7 years ago

    Never actually been a member, but it means you get to vote for committees, where money will be spent etc. It makes you an official citizen of heaven with voting privileges and your name on a mail slot. :-)

  3. TLMinut profile image60
    TLMinutposted 7 years ago

    Ahh, thank you. Basically then, it's being involved in the running of things. I'm better at being a worker bee.

  4. Ivorwen profile image75
    Ivorwenposted 7 years ago

    Honestly, it really depends on the church.  Some churches require membership for anyone who is going to be part of any ministry, as a way of screening who is affiliated with them, other churches have a membership, only because some say they want to be a member. 

    I would find out exactly what it means for the particular church you are considering.  If the pastor seems unclear, then ask a deacon or an elder.  They have often been pat of the church longer then the pastor has and know the ins and outs of how the church functions.

  5. TLMinut profile image60
    TLMinutposted 7 years ago

    I'm not considering being a member anywhere, it's just curiosity from hearing it mentioned in churches before. I know Jews have bar/bat mitzvahs for their 13 yr olds, Mormons baptize theirs at 8, don't know if this really means the children become members of that particular group or the religion overall.

    I thought membership might be a way to gather a pool of willing workers instead of just having attendees with no real commitment. Since so many people volunteer to help without being a member though, I realized that's probably wrong.

  6. elayne001 profile image70
    elayne001posted 7 years ago

    Aloha! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as the Mormon Church. To be a member, you need to be baptized by immersion by one who has authority (Worthy Priesthood holder). At the age of accountability (eight years old) you are baptized unless you are a convert which can be at any age eight and over. Membership in the church means taking upon you the name of Jesus Christ, being a good representative in word and deed, accepting callings in the church (no Mormons are paid to serve including bishops, prophets, etc.) You are expected to pay 10 per cent of your gross income for tithing which is used to build chapels, temples and other needs. You are also expected to give a fast offering to help those in need (in or out of the church)each month after having fasted for two meals. You are also expected to keep the Word of Wisdom which includes abstaining from tobacco, liquor, drugs, etc. You accept the Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ in addition to the Bible as far as it is translated correctly. There are many more, but these are some of the main ones. Hope this helps in your understanding of being a member of our church.

  7. 4x4 profile image75
    4x4posted 7 years ago

    Depending on each specific church, but think of it this way. Let a particular church be a home.

    Being attendees can be likened to being visitors in a particular home, they can come in when somebody is there to welcome them, they can eat a meal or two they can watch tv, listen to music, go to the restroom and so forth, they can probably even stay a night or a weekend or even a few days, but then they have to go. They are just that transients or guests.

    Being a member is like being a member of the family, the son, the daughter, the dog, the mom, the dad, etc.

    Each have their own position in their house & have their own duties & responsibilities & of course there is a more solid bond.

  8. TheLoanConsultant profile image60
    TheLoanConsultantposted 7 years ago

    Each church is different. Being a member basically consists of regular attendance and supporting it with your prayers and tithes. Depending on your church of choice, some of them like to micromanage your life. I have observed how for many people this micromanagement is very necessary. I mean they came to the church all confused and in need of guidance. And after some discipline and instuction they went on to become fine individuals. But on the flip side of the coin, not every needs this kind of treatment. I prefer churches where people are not all in my business and I can just go to hear The Word and then go my way. You should pray about it. Give these churches a test drive to see where is it that God speaks to you most and where you have a personal connection with someone.