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Whom Should You Obey?

  1. aoiffe379 profile image56
    aoiffe379posted 7 years ago

    Christians are the first to tell you that it is better to obey God rather than man and exercise faith in the circumstances of life. Consider this scenario.

    You enjoy writing but your earning from hubs on Hubpages is the pits or non-existent. You signed up with an insurance company for a retirement plan; and the company has gone bankrupt.Efforts have been made during the past year to salvage the company. A house  you own should have been producing an income but a crooked Christian has taken your money and the job is incomplete. The relative who was supposed to be monitoring the contractor has become mute and has not answered questions or provided requested documents. By the way, he is a lawyer.

    On top of this, your manager wants you to work in the area of your major not according to your expertise. His promotion has left a vacancy and another person is needed to replace him. However, he says he will not ask for a replacement because two qualified staff members can fill it.The manager is a 'goat' and insists on having the last word, 'ruffling feathers' and 'rattling chains'. He says he stands for truth  and expects others to always agree with how he sees something.You know that your present position is where you perform best; and based on the results, you know it is sanctioned by God.You have tried the other position prior to the arrival of the newly promoted manager; and it is not right for you .

    Should individuals be placed in a position mainly on qualification or should consideration be given to who performs best in the position? You know what God has said to you. This manager is adamant about placing you in a position which is contrary to what you know God has said. Do you obey God or the young,stubborn manager who says he hears from God too?Leaving the job is not an option now but if his 'insanity' continues, it will be-fast.

    1. nikki1 profile image57
      nikki1posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I for one believe in and with always obey God. He created me, the world,. He also died for us all. Same did his son Jesus. And, stood up to Satan. Way to go God.

    2. Cagsil profile image60
      Cagsilposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Above all else, be true to yourself. wink

  2. aguasilver profile image81
    aguasilverposted 7 years ago

    Straight choice, we either trust and obey God, or trust and obey ourselves.

    If we trust God, He is faithful to guide us to a place that will meet our needs.

    It's all about trust, faith is important, but trust is essential.

    When we come to faith, we literally 'bet' our life on Christ, why not do that daily and let God decide where you go?

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    Jeramiposted 7 years ago

    Ok ..  devils advocate.  There is not enough information in your post for anyone to give you the advice that you are looking for.

       We should always honor our employer as long as we are accepting their paycheck. If you are being ask to do something that is in conflict with the word of God you will KNOW what to do.

      If the issue is that you think that God wants you to be in a different position than the one that you will be in... trust him to make that decision for you.
      Sometimes he uses us someplace other than where we think that we should be. Sometimes we need to be someplace other than where we want to be.
        I wouldn't quit a job just because I "think" that God "might" want me to do something else. 
       I think that if he wants you to do something else he will let you   .."KNOW".. it.

    1. aguasilver profile image81
      aguasilverposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Good advice

      1. Jerami profile image72
        Jeramiposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Thanks  I started to not say anything but then I couldn't stop it.

    2. Ivorwen profile image72
      Ivorwenposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I would agree with this.  Most of God's commandments concerning work are to do your work as unto God, not man -- do the best you can all of the time, not just when you think you will be checked up on. 

      I personally don't remember the Bible ever talking about working where you are most suited, or finding your 'calling.'  It says to do your best.  Your last paragraph sounds to me like your inner turmoil, and you are going to have to decide whether this job is where you should be or not.  If your boss is not asking you to sin, then the position you are in is probably a non issue as far as 'obeying God or man'.

  4. aoiffe379 profile image56
    aoiffe379posted 7 years ago

    For those who do not know, I am a youth worker.I have worked with/taught every level from preschoolers to grade 12, tutored at college level and taught adults in a class setting as well as on an individual basis.

    People who work with youth see them as young adults now or future adults. Some eleven year olds act like they are sixteen;and some sixteen year olds act like they are eleven.I have worked successfully with the 11-14 age group and consider them my 'calling'. The 15 -18 group need people who are closer to their age and interests. Being able to relate is critical to reaching any age group; and if you do not mesh, gell or speak their language, they do not hear you. Many parents lose their children between 13-18 because they have lost the connection with them.

    Now, if John and Mary have the qualification to work with 15-18 year olds but John will take them hiking, play basketball with them,talk about their interests in music, movies and shows and knows how to text as well as enjoys working with that age group, why dump Mary in that role when she is effective with 11-14 year olds?

    Some companies lose big because they place people with the right qualification but poor people skills in a high profile job. Pitting a dog against a cat in a tree climbing competition allows the cat to win hands down.Throw the cat and dog overboard and the dog emerges as winner.{Cats can swim.]All I am saying is people should work in a position where they perform best

    1. Jerami profile image72
      Jeramiposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      This is a much better explanation. Changing what works in that situation would be detrimental for not only the youth but for the teachers as well.
         How do the other teachers feel about the changes?,
         Being councilors by profession, you may be able to council the new boss as a group?  Like a team meeting with the new quarterback. The new boss may be simply attempting to establish who  the boss is now. If that is the case "the team" might be able to assure him that this is not necessary??  That the welfare of the children is too important to allow office politics  to interfere.

         Tough situation !  I would suggest all to tread lightly, but communicate the situation.

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    (Q)posted 7 years ago

    If he trusted the bible, he would have to kill his manager.

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      nikki1posted 7 years agoin reply to this


  6. getitrite profile image79
    getitriteposted 7 years ago

    God has nothing to do with this dilemma. The fact that both believe that God has "said" opposing things to them indicates that both are delusional.

    I would use reason.  It's the best method.