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All about Satanism

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    anime_nanetposted 7 years ago

    There are different sects of Satanism. Joy of Satan Ministries is Spiritual Satanism.

    Satanism is not a "Christian invention."

    Satanism predates Christianity and all other religions.

    Satanism is not about spooks, goblins, vampires, Halloween monsters or other related entities.

    Satanism is not about "evil."

    Satanism is not a "reaction" to Christianity.

    Satanism is not about death.

    True Satanism is about elevating and empowering humanity, which was our True Creator (Satan's) intention.

    We know Satan/Lucifer as a real being.

    We know Satan to be the True Father and Creator God of humanity.

    We know "Yaweh/Jehova" of the bible to be a fictitious entity, and the people behind coercing this lie, to be the true deceivers of humanity and the masters of lies. This is evident in the many contradictions within the Judeo/Christian Bible, revealing this text to be the work of human beings who had occult knowledge and infused it with power to make it credible, and to incite fear in order to control.

    We are law abiding.

    We DO NOT advocate or participate in any blood or living sacrifice. This act is Judeo/Christian, as stated in their Bible-  Deuteronomy 12:27:
    "And thou shalt offer thy burnt offerings, the flesh and the blood, upon the altar of the LORD thy God: and the blood of thy sacrifices shall be poured out upon the altar of the LORD thy God, and thou shalt eat the flesh."

    We have found Satanism is the original religion of humanity. We have done our research. Satanism is based upon the ancient religions that predated Judaism and Christianity from hundreds to thousands of years.

    Christianity was a reaction to the original Pagan religions, labeled as "Satanism" meaning "enemy/adversary" in Hebrew. If you read through the information contained within this website, we prove this.

    Christianity was invented to remove spiritual and occult knowledge (the powers of the mind) from the populace and place this power in the hands of a "chosen" few to the detriment of all humanity. The powers of the mind and soul are very real. People who are unaware of or who do not believe in these powers are easy to control and manipulate by those who are skilled in using these energies.

    The Original Gods [Demons] were unjustly labeled as monsters and branded as "evil" to keep humanity from spiritual knowledge. Because of this, the human race has drastically degenerated both spiritually and intellectually.

    Spiritual Satanism strongly advocates all learning, knowledge, inquiry, and free thought.

    Spiritual Satanism supports the separation of church and state. Satanists do not push Satanism or prosyletize.

    Spiritual Satanists acknowledge science and believe everything of the occult/supernatural to have a rational scientific explanation. We believe humanity has been held back dangerously in this area due to the hoax of Judeo/Christianity and its relentless attacks upon science for centuries.

    We practice power meditation to advance spiritually and to elevate ourselves. Power meditation is as essential for the human soul as food is essential for the human body. The serpent, a symbol of Satan represents the firey kundalini force coiled at the base of the spine, which upon ascending, transforms the human mind and soul to a much higher level of understanding and ability. This is the true meaning of "Raising the Devil." The Serpent symbol of Satan also represents the DNA helix of life.

    We work directly with Satan. We believe each and every person who is willing and respectful can have a personal relationship with Satan. There are no mediators in Spiritual Satanism; the Ministry is here only for guidance and support.

    We take our tenets and practices directly from Satan himself. For far too long, enemies of Satan such as the Christian churches have been at liberty to dictate lies concerning Satan and Satanism. These lies have been the foundation of occult crimes and other heinous acts that they indirectly promote. True Satanism has been actively and zealously suppressed for centuries and many out of ignorance believe lies about Satan and react accordingly.

    Spiritual Satanism is a life loving religion. Satan accepts us as we are, but guides us to advance ourselves to where we evolve to a higher level. Spiritual Satanists are free to live their lives as they choose- responsibility to the responsible. We live by natural law and encourage everyone to develop themselves to their fullest extent.

    We know we “save” our own souls as opposed to claims of the Nazarene saving anyone. Satanism is based upon the true transformation of the soul through power meditation. The Nazarene is a fictitious entity, whose identity was stolen form some 18+ crucified Pagan Gods, such as Odin, who hung from a tree and is nothing more than a tool to keep humanity under the control of a chosen few. The Nazarene has been used in Christian masses and services as a substitute for a human living blood sacrifice, revealing their true purpose.

    The Judeo/Christian religion is a vicious hoax on humanity of catastrophic proportions. For a hoax to succeed there has to be a lack of knowledge on the part of the victim. The Christian religion and its cohorts actively suppress knowledge and free thought, encourage people to be slaves, and never advocate or teach anything for the betterment or advancement of humanity. As opposed to the stories of how the Nazarene healed people; Satan shows us how we can heal ourselves and perform so-called miracles, using our minds and the powers of our own souls.

    Through empowering ourselves, we have confidence, self-respect and achieve spiritual advancement and independence.

    Spiritual Satanism places no limits on developing the powers of the mind- known as "witchcraft" or "magick." We believe in justice and just as martial artists are versed in the uses of Dim Mak and other aspects of physical combat, Spiritual Satanists are versed in the Black Arts of "magick" should they ever need them. People who are unaware of these powers are defenseless against them, and the powers that be know this all too well. Satan does not tolerate injustice.

    Spiritual Satanism does not in any way condone spirit abuse as taught in the classical grimoires. The Demons who were bound and compelled to do the bidding of the sorcerers are now free and anyone using the nine-foot circle methods and "Jehova" names is inviting personal disaster. The Demons are our friends and with respect and reverence in summoning through Satan, we seek to establish mutually beneficial relationships with them.

    Spiritual Satanism advocates individuality, liberty, and independence.

    It is obvious that Satan is not the "deceiver of humanity." His followers have been few in number and he doesn't need copious amounts of wealth, power and control to keep his followers.

    ps. - just wanted to create an epic thread. Go go religious freaks!

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      maruthirpposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      I think this must be posted as a hub. It is so long.

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        anime_nanetposted 7 years agoin reply to this

        Nah, it would be duplicate because I just Ctrlç-C it from a Satan site.

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      dutchman1951posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      if all this is true, and it is a big, big stretch to say it. and Satan was a  supposed creator of life!    lolol

      then please explain the first two sentences’ of the Satanic Bible?

      "all that is real is un-real."
      "all that is true in un-truth"

      Soo,,,Satan created an unreal world, that is a lie?
      what kind of upside down garbage is this?

      If no other alternative exhisted, I’d take Darwin over this nonsense any day, at least he had some basis. The so-called history stated in this is totaly un-founded also.

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    schoolgirlforrealposted 7 years ago

    Yeah and why do satanic people abuse animals and molest children. blah blah blah

    Christianity protomes GOOD.

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      dutchman1951posted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Christianity promotes nothing, just like this crap does.

      I was 23 years in Wicca and have heard all this crap before ok.

      It all stems from this1980 Disney I want to be a Witch garbage!
      It is really about affronted folks, done with religionist belief, and making a statement to be contrary. Some of it is ego, some of it is real dislike for religion, most of it is exocentric social fit inn’s trying to be cool as they can define it for themselves.

      There is a great big difference between God and religion. And an even greater gap between what is real and what is un-real emotional brainwashing, on both sides. The universe is real it exhists.

      and Weither they do that  symbolic sacrifice or not, it  is not anywhere near the truth of a Real Satanic Mass,  except on, maybe TV. or in the minds of so called independent practitioners on the net.

      I have been in several services as a Wicca invite. 2 in South Africa, two here in the US.

      And I said nothing about the emotional hang ups Christians have about it, just that the entire Satanic Book makes no sense. Just like Wicca, after you really study it, it is a dead end, no bang for the buck. It is crap. I have spent to many years in it not to realize it. 

      so save the blah blah child like stuff for a naive person. I have seen both and both are totally false and useless.

      In time you come to see it as lies. Foolish endevor, a waste of  life's time given to you.