Prosperity-Gods will for you

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    dodelle0103posted 7 years ago

    Prosperity-Gods will for you
    Is it God’s will for you and me to prosper while on this earth? Absolutely YES!
    #1 - Firmly Grasp the will of God –Once you know that truth in your heart and grab hold of it in faith, nothing can shake your confidence that prosperity is yours to claim. Is it possible to know God’s will? Again, absolutely yes! Because God put his will in his words. The entrance of God’s Word brings light and reveals the knowledge of his will. (Eph5:14)
    #2-Thy Will Be Done on Earth-So many time we pray this all the time and don’t realize What we’re saying. We pray we, God, we want your will to be done. Whatever is going on up there in heaven, we want it done here on earth. Consider something, how many people suffer lack in heaven? Zero, there is absolutely no lack in heaven. So, if it’s NOT God’s will for people to live in poverty and lack in heaven, it CAN’T be His will for people to live that way on earth either.
    If you aren’t prospering financially, you are out of the will of God.
    The knowledge that it’ is God’s will for you to prosper must become so strong on the inside of you that the moment you begin to experience lack. You refuse to accept it because you know it isn’t from God.
    Instead your first reaction should be to confess in faith, “God takes pleasure in my prosperity. He wants me to be successful and prosperous. He has given me abundant life. So, according to his will I believe, I receive abundant provision for my every need!
    #3-God Takes Pleasure in Our Prosperity- when you’re not prospering financially, you’re not making God happy. How do I know that? The bible says so.
    “Let then shout for joy, and be glad that favour my righteous cause; yea, let them say continually, let the Lord be magnified, which hath pleasure in the prosperity of His servants.” Psalms 35:27
    And if God takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servants, how much more does he takes pleasure in the prosperity of His sons and daughters? Which is YOU and ME.
    Notice that this verse doesn’t say, “let the Lord be magnified, who takes pleasure in His servants barely making it as they live from pay check to pay check. No, it says God takes pleasure in the prosperity –not poverty-of his servants.
    You may ask. We’ll why am I broke when it gives God pleasure to see me prosper? Why doesn’t he just go ahead and please himself by taking care of my needs?
    But it’s not up to God whether or not you prosper. It’s up to you. God already took care of every one of your needs when He sent His Son to die on the cross. Jesus purchased your right to claim whatever you need in His word.
    So just a take a deep breath, relax and stick with what the bible says-that God actually finds joy in seeing YOU prosper!

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      AMBASSADOR BUTLERposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Yes. The primary will of GOD is to know him and walk with him moment by moment every day of your life on the earth and throughout all eternity. Put first things first. Seek ye first the kingdom of GOD and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. Matthew 6:33. Love peace free are some of the foundations of the kingdom of GOD. So you just need to be love be peace be free. No matter what happens in the financial world you will be sound and secure in GOD. Truly in GOD we trust and not in our money which is only a means in which we live upon the earth. There is no money in heaven. Thank you. Go in peace.