god is good in the small things

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    debo.som.2-3.posted 7 years ago

    the Lord is good.
    His Mercies endure forever.

       It is a beautiful morning.
      Just the beginning of fall.  Cool enough - not yet cold.
        I walked to the library, and thanked god that I could walk at all.
      He has truly kept my feet in the land of the living.
         I fell on my bike around father's day, and hurt all the tendons in my left knee.
       I couldn't walk on it at all for twenty days.
          I was so glad when I could finally get out of the house.
      With all the nonsense in our country, and sadly a society bereft of it's moral compass -
       I wonder if I'll still be making it next year.
      Only with god's help.
        But -
      With god's help.
         He is the defender of the orphan and the widow.
    If He is for me, who can be against me.
        Of course,
    it would help everything, if people were honest, but they aren't.
       So, on I go, depending on the only One who does not lie.
      His word said, "Am I a man, that I should lie?"
        I think not, and praise God for it!
    I started this blog to be able to add my voice to the blog"sphere" in praise every day.
      I am so grateful for the opportunity.
          Now, I shall close, and walk on.

                            the coffeepoetdebo

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      shazwellynposted 7 years agoin reply to this

      Welcome to HubPages Coffee.... Why dont you stick this in a hub?