Narrate one of your Dream/Nightmare....See whos got the best ever !

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  1. profile image60
    BestConcernsposted 8 years ago

    Many years back i had this dream.I once travelled towards moon by flying with the banana leaves wings.When i landed there,i saw a crater filled with warm water,i took bath in it.later i began to jump on the moon and got nauseated.i sat down near a rock and found a small insect under the rock,it suddenly converted into a beautiful blonde.
    The conversion was so intense that i suddenly woke up and found myself napping on my sofa.....i wish i wouldnt have got up.

  2. profile image56
    SmarterThanSinposted 8 years ago

    I dreamt that within eight months the world started crumbling but I managed to get my family to the upper Northeast corner of Canada but far enough away from water to actually live another four and a half years.

  3. Mark Ewbie profile image84
    Mark Ewbieposted 8 years ago

    I was naked and alone in a dark wood.  Maybe a forest.  Though the moon was full, it was kind of hard to see, and I hadn't got my glasses with me.  A light breeze caressed my buttocks and then I heard voices.


    Then chanting.

    I was scared, but in that dream state where you can't actually do anything.  The witches of the forest (or wood), were coming to get me.

    They strapped me, still naked, to a cold stone in the middle of a clearing.  Then started dancing around.  "The mushroom, the mushroom" they cried.

    A huge mushroom was presented to me, and they freed my hands and told me to eat it.  It tasted yuk, but when you're naked surrounded by virgin witches (did I mention they virgins before?) - whatever - you do what you're told.

    I ate the damn thing.

    Then I woke up.  Could I find my pillow?  Gone...

  4. saleheensblog profile image60
    saleheensblogposted 8 years ago

    I dreamt that my life is a dream of someone else.

  5. vesper noir profile image58
    vesper noirposted 8 years ago

    I saw the silhouette of a man down the hall. When he passed through angles of light, I saw he was part man and part machine. Like a figure from a William Gibson novel, his humanity (if you could call it that) had forged with the bio-tech implanted into his body. Outside there was war being fought for the preservation of our homeland, and we were fading fast. The cybernetic hunter came nearer and I took off down the hall running. I was surprised to find my body so tiny and spry, like a child. Inside the darkness a voice echoed "child of the abyss".

    I ran to an alcove and grabbing hold of the door frame I swung into the alcove and jammed my heels down against the edges as I fell fast. Several times that scene cycled over in front of me. Several times I couldn't run fast enough. No matter what I did he was always right behind me. By the time I reached the bottom it was too late. My arms were pulled out and shackled in mid-air as my feet hit the ground. His obsession with destroying our kind led him here, at the behest of his own people, who were on the verge of cutting off his assistance. He had gone too far, and they were unwilling to pay his price. But somebody would.

    He pulled my hair back and sang frightful hymns in my ear. He wanted answers that I was unwilling to provide. Information about the Nexian advance. Information on military maneuvers. He didn't need to know if he had the element of surprise - that much was clear. He tore open my clothes and assaulted me, in search of something that I wasn't willing to offer, that he would claim for his possession just the same. Electric lashes burned into my flesh. Screaming for anyone who might have returned to the castle, but none were available.

    As if peering through a window I watched as our men died one at a time. The only one to hear my screams was our Prince, but he was powerless to do anything. In front of my dissociated and hazy eyes I glimpsed a note from one of our own. His name was Alex. And before the haze I watched as he made plans to offer me up to the hunter for exchange for a chance to bring down the military establishment of the Nexian advance. In a flash I cried out to the abyss, and caught a glimpse of his undoing, when the Prince cut him down where he stood.

    The war had ended in the Nexian destruction, but for me, the nightmare had only begun. I was taken back by the hunter, and imprisoned in the encampment, assimilated into a cybernetic creature like himself, and re-educated. When the cybermen tore our country apart, they generally took prisoners to train into soldiers. I gave birth to a son in the encampment. The hunter claimed me as a possession, in a loveless coupling.

    Abuse and frigidity were the things he gave freely and often received in full. As the years waned he occasionally exhibited compassion, though I don't know where he learned it from. The only person I showed any compassion was my son. As for my son's father, I gave him nothing but hate and apathy. Living and serving in among the cybermen I learned how use that cold disposition to my advantage.

    A few years later we fought one last time. This time in front of the boy. We threw punches and slit each other's sides with bio-engineered weapons. In the dialogue that followed I made it clear that he was the cause of it all - my hateful chill, my rejection of his passions, my refusal to show compassion to someone who could revel in the hate he had given me. Disapproving of the way I spoke of him in front of the boy he knocked me down.

    As I turned my head to face him, I licked the blood from my lips and stared him down. I wasn't about to forget, and I made it known that he would never have what it was that he truly wanted. Deeply pained by this, and the guilt of what he, driven by his own passions and obsessions, had done to get it, he left us. He left the outpost. Later my son and I also left, but we never saw him again.

  6. L. Ray Haynes profile image74
    L. Ray Haynesposted 8 years ago

    This past summer, having lost my home of nine years, I found myself sleeping in my car, parked in the lot across the street from the Evander Holyfield Boys and Girls Club.  It being mid-late June, I kept the windows open and hung a lightweight windbreaker over the opening to help keep the mosquitos at bay.  While sleeping the night before Father's day I dreamed that I woke up to find a strange and foreboding character at the passenger side window of my small car, smirking at me while he held my feet together in his vice-like grip.  I am not sure if he was cackling or if he said something like "I've got you now" but I know I felt terrified and began to feel around for something long enough with which to strike him.  This is where the dream becomes murky, I am not sure if I ever found anything except panic at the lack of a weapon.  What is clear after this point is that I actually woke up for real to discover that I had apparently been dreaming the whole altercation.  While I was relieved that it was a dream, I was simultaneously disturbed because the dream had seemed so real.  The details of the dream such as my car, location, and the way I was sleeping crossways with my feet just below the open passenger side window were eerily the same as everything in my waking state. 
      This lucid dream occured on the Saturday night before Father's Day.  On Monday afternoon, my car was repossessed.  Later, I told my friend about the dream I had.  He immediately stated that it was a forewarning that I was about to lose my car.  I strangely had not thought of it in those terms, but upon his explanation that my feet represented my transportation, it made complete sense to me.  It was still creepy though.

  7. habee profile image91
    habeeposted 8 years ago

    I had this one when I first starting taking an SSRI, which was several years ago. I still remember every detail!

    I was in medieval Europe. It was market day in the village, so all the peasants, farmers, and craftsmen were in town hawking their wares and their produce. Most of the people were starving, and they were standing around a huge metal grate over a fire, waiting for some meat to be cooked. A tarp was covering what I assumed to be the beef or pork, but when the cook threw back the covering, a pile of human bodies was revealed. They were going to cook and eat human flesh! Meanwhile, an old bearded man was skinning dogs for barbecuing. He tossed one on the grill, and I could see its blood vessels and its teeth. I ran away and woke up, my heart pounding at around 200 beats per minute.

  8. Onusonus profile image76
    Onusonusposted 8 years ago

    I was resting in the back of a truck when I felt the need to step outside. the sky was red, the ground was breathing there were several geisers which had formed on the ground. Smoke oozed out of them steadily into the atmosphere, and there were small streams all around trickling bright red blood down the landscape. I made my way up a small incline untill i reached the top. I peered over to the other side where there lay a valley with a small lake in the middle. Positioned perfectly over the center of the lake stood an inverted pyramid. It seemed as though it was floating in mid air but the alarming thing about the scene was what was around the lake.
         An army of demons was milling about the area, working and building weapons and large structures. the weapons were modern, I noticed several rocket launching viehicles tanks, and other vehicles capable of carying nuclear weapons. I nalso saw in one end of the compound they had made slaves of humans, and were causing them to perform meanial tasks while kicking and whiping them. The deamons looked like people, but the strange thing was the essence which they carryed, it was unhidable. This aura which resinated from them. it was such a foreign presence that I knew for sure that they must have been able to detect my presence as well. As soon as this thought entered my mind it seems like they all stoped what they were doing and turned and faced me.


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