REVELATION 13:The Anti-Christ And False Prophet

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    Revelation 13

    1 I stood on the beach (IN THIS VISION FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT) beside the sea. (THOUGHT TO BE A SEA OF HUMANITY,NOT WATER) I looked and saw a beast (THE ANTI-CHRIST) coming up from the sea. This one had ten horns (NATIONS) and seven heads,(REGIONS OF THE WORLD) and a crown (INDICATES HIS POWER AND INFLUENCE) was on each of its ten horns. On each of its heads were names that were an insult to God. (THESE REGIONS WILL BE CONTROLLED BY THE ANTI-CHRIST AND THEREFORE WILL REFLECT HIS CHARACTER) 2 The beast ( THE ANTI-CHRIST) that I saw had the body of a leopard,(THIS IS THOUGHT TO REFER TO HIS ABILITY TO MOVE QUICKLY OR WORK EFFICIENTLY ) the feet of a bear, (THIS IS THOUGHT TO INDICATE A POWERFUL,EXTREMELY AGGRESSIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE NATURE) and the mouth of a lion. (YES VERY DANGEROUS)The dragon (SATAN) handed over its own power and throne and great authority to this beast. 3 One of the heads looked like it had been fatally wounded, (PERHAPS DEVASTATED BY EARTHQUAKES) ) but now it was recovered . Everyone on earth marveled at this beast,(HE HAD SUPERNATURAL ABILITIES) 4 and they worshiped the dragon who had given its authority to the beast. They also worshiped (IDOLATRY IS DETESTED BY GOD) the beast and said, "No one is like this beast! No one can fight against it." 5 The beast was allowed to brag and speak blasphemy (MOST LIKELY BY ATTACKING JESUS), and for forty-two months (THIS WILL BE IN THE LAST HALF OF THE TRIBULATION) he was allowed to rule. 6 The beast cursed God, (GOD'S WORKS) and he cursed even the name of God.(IT IS EXPECTED THAT HE WILL LAUNCH AN ASTONISHING "MEDIA BLITZ",IN ESSENCE A POLITICAL TYPE CAMPAIGN AGAINST GOD USING ALL FORMS OF MEDIA COMMUNICATION) It (ANTI-CHRIST) even cursed the place where God lives, as well as everyone who lives in heaven with God.(THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL BE ESPECIALLY OUTRAGED BY THE 144,000 JEWS WHO GOD BROUGHT INTO HEAVEN THROUGH A RAPTURE) 7 It (THE BIBLE REFERS TO THE ANTI-CHRIST AS AN ANIMAL,THE "BEAST" RATHER THAN A HUMAN) was allowed to fight against God's people and defeat them. It was also given authority over the people of every tribe, nation, language, and race.(NOTE THIS DOES NOT STATE ALL PERSONS,JUST PERSONS OF ALL VARIETIES AND GEOGRAPHIC AREAS.THERE WILL BE SOME WHO WILL NEVER BE FORCED TO BOW BEFORE THIS MONSTER ) 8 It was worshiped by everyone whose name wasn't written in the book of Life (THE RECORD OF WHO WILL RECEIVE SALVATION) of the Lamb (JESUS) slain (CRUCIFIED) from the foundation of the world.(REFERS TO THE SINFUL NATURE OF THE WORLD) 9 If any man have an ear, let him hear! (THIS IS A STATEMENT THAT WAS MADE REPEATEDLY BY JESUS DURING HIS MINISTRY. IT REFERS TO HEARING OR UNDERSTANDING SPIRITUAL TRUTHS) 10 He who leads into captivity (MEMBERS OF ARMIES SUPPORTED BY THE ANTI-CHRIST) shall go into captivity.(HELL) He who kills with the sword must be killed with a sword.(JUSTICE AT LAST FOR THE MILITARY WHEN JESUS RETURNS TO ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM !) This means that God's people must learn to endure and be faithful. 11 I now saw another beast. (THE FALSE PROPHET)This one came out of the earth. (THE WORLD,NOT HELL)) It had two horns like a lamb,(A VERY DECEPTIVE INDIVIDUAL WHO PEOPLE WILL THINK HAS A CHRIST-LIKE OR "LAMB" NATURE) but spoke like a dragon. (HE WILL BE DEMON POSSESSED AND DELIVER SATANIC MESSAGES AS HE ATTEMPTS TO DELIVER A SICKENING IMPERSONATION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT) 12 He exercised all the power of the first beast.(THE ANTI-CHRIST)  And it used all its authority (IT IS THOUGHT THAT HE WILL BE THE LEADER OF A CHRISTIAN DENOMINATION.CATHOLIC PROPHECY STATES THAT HE WILL ADOPT THE NAME OF PETER II ) to influence the earth and its people to worship that beast whose deadly wound was healed ( THE ANTI-CHRIST WILL BE ATTACKED IN AN ASSASSINATION ATTEMPT BUT THEN HEALED BY SATAN SO HE CAN  SERVE HIM) 13 It (FALSE PROPHET) worked mighty miracles, and while people watched, it even made fire (NO SYMBOLISM HERE) come down from the sky.14 This second beast (FALSE PROPHET) fooled people on earth by working miracles for the first one.(ANTI-CHRIST) Then it talked them (THE PUBLIC) into making an idol in the form of the beast (TO BE USED DURING WORSHIP SERVICES) that did not die after being wounded by a sword.(THE ANTI-CHRIST) 15 It (THE FALSE PROPHET) was allowed to put a (DEMONIC) spirit into the idol, so that it could speak. Everyone (IN THE VICINITY) who refused to worship the idol of the beast was put to death.(HEAVEN = GOOD PLACE TO BE NOW) 16 All people were forced to put a mark on their right hand or forehead.(SOME SPECULATE THAT THIS WILL BE A COMPUTER CHIP BUT THE WORDING IN THE BIBLE INDICATES IT WILL BE A TATTOO WHICH MUST EXPLAIN THE SUDDEN SURGE IN THE POPULARITY OF TATTOOS ) Whether they were powerful or weak, rich or poor, free people or slaves,(NO EXCEPTIONS ALLOWED) 17 they all had to have this mark, or else they could not buy or sell anything.(THE CHRISTIANS WHO HAVE NOT BEEN REMOVED THROUGH THE RAPTURE AT THIS TIME WILL HAVE TO GO INTO HIDING AND BE TAKEN CARE OF AS SOME OF THE JEWS WERE DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR)This mark stood for the name of the beast and for the number of its name.18 You need wisdom to understand the number of the beast! Its number is six hundred sixty-six, and it stands for a person.( MYSTERY NOT YET SOLVED DESPITE THE MANY ATTEMPTS TO BREAK THIS CODE BUT CLOSELY WATCH THE PRESIDENCY OF THE UNITED NATIONS, MOST ESPECIALLY IF THE HEADQUARTERS IS MOVED TO ROME!!)

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    Revelation 13
        Edited by Jerami .....

    Rev 13:1
      I stood on the beach    (IN THIS VISION FROM THE HOLY SPIRIT) beside the sea. (THOUGHT TO BE A SEA OF HUMANITY,NOT WATER) And I saw a beast having seven heads ( divisions of a whole; (territory, measure of land, etc)) having ten horns   
    (men of authorities)  ...and ten crown was upon  each of its ten horns. (a title of authority)

    2   The beast that I saw had the body of a leopard,
    ( Gabriel had earlier interpreted the third kingdom upon the earth as a leopard. Daniel 7:6)   the feet of a bear, (Persia Daniel   7:5)  and his mouth as the mouth of a lion.  Daniel 7:7  When talking about the fourth kingdom;  "and it had great iron teeth, it devoured and brake in pieces",  (the fourth kingdom to have dominion over the earth)   (Roman Empire).

       So we have a description of this beast that has something in common with , Persia (bear)  Grease (leopard and Roman Empire  (teeth of a lion)   

       When the Roman Catholic Church was established,  the Roman Empire was divided into seven districts each having a bishop/Pope assigned to each district having authority over the churches in that district.   
       These districts were further divided into three regions; each region having assigned to it a  Pope having authority over those  popes in that region..   

        These regional headquarters for these three "supper" popes were stationed in Alexandria (Built and populated by Grecians)  an other regional headquarters was located in Antioch ( city in the farthest extremity of Persia, feet of a bear)
         And the third regional head quarters was located in Rome.  (teeth of a lion)

        To me the comparison is remarkable ???????