Quatraines Versus Revelation: The Anti-Christ Effect

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    jacharlessposted 5 years ago

    I for one am a larger than most skeptic, but respect history and people, enough, to consider items outside of my visionary paralysis aka thinking.

    Recently, I came upon the Quatrain's of Nostradamus, which seemingly identified this Anti-Christ concept as Three individuals who would progressively emerge and captivate humanity, where as the Letter of Revelation merely outlines (very minutely, I might add) the concept of a Singular Anti-Christ.

    The quatrains are very cryptic, but stuffed well with imagery.
    Revelation, too, is pike-stocked with imagery, and very little crypt -at least without the religious crypt of death-do-all-part (well okay, not all, but most).

    The first would come out of Italia, rule France and ultimately fall.
    Was this Napoleon, who managed to change the face of Europe, wipe out millions, genocides, etc and finally lose himself and over 600,000 soldiers as he failed to take over Russia. Had it not been for him, Europe would not have begun unifying and setting the stage for the Second individual, who through words would manage to amass a huge army, who also lost it all when trying to take over Russia. (must be something there to write about, for sure. Viva Russia!)

    People since have speculated as to whom the Third might be, ranging from:
    G.W. Bush, S. Hussein (dead), M. Gaddafi (also dead), O. bin Laden (supposedly dead) -even B. Netanyahu , B. Obama and V. Putin.

    But, according to the Quatrain, the third would come out of Asia, dismissing Morocco as the possible location -despite it blood red flag with a pentagram on center, but interesting connection to the Mongols)

    If the Second was an indication of setting the stage for the Third, what kind of individual would this Mabus be?  According to the quatrain, this one comes to the stage in July 1999, about 13 years ago, if correct. He apparently is set on restoring the Kingdom of the Mongols and dies immediately starting a war that lasts 27 years after him. A war those devastation out-shadows the previous Two. Knowing history, the Khan Dynasty was the worst ever, concurring all of Russia, India, Persia and nearly half of modern day Europe and Northern Africa. In fact, history suggests he even made it to England.
    Yeats & Keating!

    So, why was there no mention of the other two in the Letter of Revealing?
    Could Nostradamus be accurate regarding a Third?

    Again, my curiosity is peaked, not to the point of believing it, but it is good stimulation for thinking.

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      Brenda Durhamposted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi James.  I've missed sparring with you. wink lol
      And although I'm not into going into this in-depth (plus I'm not nearly as learned as you about Nostradamus, mainly for lack of interest!), I would like to say that the Bible (the book that I do read) in the book of Revelation does indeed talk about three "beasts", anti-Christs, individuals, a form of "unholy trinity".

      Revelation 12:9 names the first one, actually, with several terms, and describes him all the way up to verse 17.   That old serpent, the Devil, Satan, the dragon.  People will worship that dragon.

      The next one is the beast in Chapter 13, which verse 4 says gets his power from the dragon referred to above. This beast dies but revives, makes war with the saints, has great power, etc.  People will worship him too.

      The next one in Chapter 13, verse 11 is also called a beast.  He performs miracles, thereby deceiving many people so that they make an image to the previous beast.  The Scriptures go on to speak about the "mark of the beast" and etc.  That beast will be worshipped also.

      Those 3 work together, in unity and for the same purpose of deceiving mankind into following them instead of following the Lord.

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        jacharlessposted 5 years agoin reply to this

        Well, Hello Brenda. Good to see you!

        Right, I always found the mention of beasts v Anti-Christ as being three elements of the human condition. All being the same, yet progressively increasing the ability to keep people from manifesting the resurrection power, which is faith.

        Again, by understanding ha-satan is not an individual [entity] but rather the bane of human thinking -in fact the mind itself. And yes, most New Age folks dislike me for that, because it defeats the Religion of Self.

        Anyway, as for specific terms Anti-Christ, unless mistaken, the biblical text offers up just one -and only in one place, the Letter of Revealing.

        I found it very fascinating that Nostradamus was first a chemist, physician, engineer as well as avid astronomer; also greatly afraid of the church. His proverbs are tough to read through, even for a guy like me. But, no mistaking he 'called it' on two occasions, which -even for this skeptic- is a bit too coincidental. Makes one wonder, should he be accurate regarding the Third and final Anti-Christ, what would this person be like. I mean the text is clear they are of Asian decent, possessing the ability to woo the people. That is a tough thing to even attempt in today's world.

        Friend of mine thinks it is a blend of the Phoenicians, Berbers, Turks/Moors, which are directly related to the Mongols -also known as the Tatars; which is where he claims many of the traditions of Islam come. He further notes this by the massive wealth the King of Morocco has, and that he became king in July 1999. But I still haven't made the connection. Although history deems Khan is the most ruthless person, literally annihilating multi-millions of people. So, this is the persona of the Third.

        As for the miracles and calling fire down from the heavens, I found the Nostradamus says this person descends from the sky, appearing with the passing of a comet (which is essentially a giant burning rock. Could this be an equal tome from Nostradamus and the biblical reference?

        Either way, interesting stuff.