Christ Through The Bible- We Are One In Christ

  1. DeaneMc profile image59
    DeaneMcposted 10 years ago

    There was some dice-throwing that went on at the foot of the cross. I've wondered what that scene must have looked like to Jesus. Ad He looked downward past his bloody feet at the circle of gamblers, what did he think? What emotions did he feel? He must have been amazed. Here are common soldiers witnessing the world's most uncommon event and they don't know it. As far as they're concerned, it's just another Friday morning and he is just another criminal. Come on, hurry up; it's my turn ! All right, all right-this throw is for his sandals. Casting lots for the possessions of Christ. Heads ducked. Eyes downward. Cross forgotten.
    The symbolism is striking. Do you see it? It makes me think of us. The religious. Those who claim heritage at the cross. I'm thinking of all of us. Every believer in the land. The stuffy. The loose. The strict. The simple. Upper church. Lower church. Spirit-filled. Evangelical. Political. Mystical. Literal. Robes. Collars. Three-piece suits. Born-againers. Ameners. I'm thinking that we aren't so unlike those soldiers. ( I'm sorry to say)
    We, too play games at the foot of the cross. We compete for members. We scramble for status. We deal out judgments and condemnations. Competition. Selfishness, personal gain.
    It's all won and then we walk away in a huff.
    So close to the timbers yet so far from the blood. We are so close to the world's most uncommon event, but we act like common crapshooters huddled in bickering groups and fighting over silly opinions. How many pulpit hours have been wasted on preaching the trivial? How many leaders have saddled their pet peeves, drawn their swords of bitterness and launched into battle against brethren over issues that are not worth discussing?
    So close to the cross but so far from Christ.
    We specialize in " I am right rallies". We write books about what the other does wrong. We become experts in unveiling weaknesses. We split into little huddles and then, God forbid, we split again...
    Are our differences that divisive? Are our opinions that obstructive? Are our walls that wide?
    Is it that impossible to find a common cause? May they all be ONE. JESUS PRAYED, ONE.
    Not one in two thousand. But ONE in One. One church. One faith. ONE LORD. Not Baptist, not Methodist, not Adventist. Just Christian (to be Christ like). No denominations.
    No hierarchies. No traditions.
                      Just Believing In CHRIST and taking HIM at His WORD. The BIBLE.
          Sharing The Love OF God and love for our brothers and sisters, in Christ and our families.
                Being ONE in Harmony and in the SPIRIT OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    Some of this came from my devotional Bible and as I felt led I added what I believe I was suppose too.
    Be Blessed In The Lord Jesus Christ,


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