The answer to the question?????

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    Knight6posted 6 years ago

    hi again as i have said before i am new to the hubpages and religion and philosophy and all that interest me greatly.frist off i am not a non believer nor am i a believer my beliefs are some what not the norm by any reach of the imagation.i have read a lot of the posts in this forum and all very interesting they are a lot of clever people on this site and that is good as it makes for good replies and good banter.
    the one question which has caused the most debate is "is there a god?""where is the prove?"how can we believe in something we can not see touch or feel?".
    my take is maybe a little simple but here goes...........
    there is no one god one power one devine there is us the human race and if we stopped for one minute and look we can see god and the prove is in front of our faces each one of us has a mind of which we only use 10% of since the beginning of time all the information of life the universe and beyond has been passed on through our dna or to be more accuate in the darkness that is the unused mind every so often this information creeps out in the form of writings music art creations inventions  and ideas and sometimes it can even come out in even grander forms like belief and religions from the incas to the modern day catholics and so on but all these beliefs and gods are all from the human mind its way of putting order to chaos life happened and why is a complex combination of chemicals and time lots and lots of time we as a race we put to much time on why instead of what happened next the why is science the next is us we created everything else god devil heaven and hell and whats more is because each and every person has an untapped mind which has more power than anyone can imagine when we die it continues the creative mind can create anything it desires and does every day stop looking for a creator stop trying to work out why the answer is YOU as i said how everthing came to be is down to chemicals and time but everything else is us YOU are god YOU are religion YOU are the creator and destorier so for those of you looking for god and prove he or she exists look in the mirror YOU are the god of your own belief and as simple as it sounds we created everthing that is here today even god..................

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      pennyofheavenposted 6 years agoin reply to this

      I enjoyed your post! I like how you view existence and everything in it. Thanks

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        Knight6posted 6 years agoin reply to this

        thank you for your kind words